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    Exclamation LF - Mage and Boomkin! Tues and Thurs 8:45-1am Est!
    RAID SCHEDULE- Tuesday and Thursday from 8:45pm to 12:45am EASTERN
    We will always end by 1am!

    * To bring the fun back to raiding and wow, to make you log in because you want to and because you like the people you're playing with

    * 25 Man Guild Raiding, with no cliques and one goal. This is a team working towards a common goal, not a collection of individuals out for their own interests or to take the next step up in ranks!

    * For our guild chat, voice chat and forums to be welcoming and active places at all times of the day, not just during our limited raid hours.

    *Enjoying the raids that we go to because of the people that we raid with, the skill they have, and the maturity and professionalism we treat each other with.

    *Our Objective? - Achieve everything above while clearing the content on heroic and obtaining the mounts and titles while the tier is still current.
    Sound good?

    -----OUR LEADERSHIP-----
    -We are build to last, not a fly by night start up guild here, we are focused on making this project succeed, come join us! -

    *GM who has played in top 25/50 Us guilds, with 3 years of recruitment officer experience and previous GM experience from wrath/Bc content.

    *Raid Leader - Creater and founder of Fallen and FallenII - Perennial top 50 US guild, stepping down for RL reasons and to join onto our project.

    A few of the guilds our raiders have played with ...
    Refined- Area52
    Tyranny - Shattered Hand
    Raiding Rainbows- Illidan
    Death and Taxes -Korgath
    Big Crits- Sen'Jin
    Vox Radux - Darkspear
    Whatever we're awesome- Magtheridon

    We understand if you've been playing since BC you're 6 years older now and as life changes schedules and needs arise that previously wouldn't. We also expect that being 6 years older you know what type of commitment you're making before you join our group.

    We expect players who will do the research required of a top end raider outside of game time, to communicate on our forums and be a productive member of our community. The time we spend preparing for the encounters we face will ultimately cut down on the amount of time we spend wiping in raid, and since we only raid with a minimal schedule we need to maximize the time we have.

    It's only been one month since we started the guild with a handful of players...
    In the very short time since Party Shark has grown from a concept
    Into reality..
    Party Shark is here with 1/13 HM 25m Tot progression ready to add to our team moving into SOO.

    Classes currently needed

    Also any outstanding player is always welcome pending it fits our raid comp and we have room to get you playtime

    Add us on REAL ID if you're interested in the project

    Or Chat with us in game
    Omnomnomms (Gm)
    Disciplíne (Officer/Logistics)
    Poorguy (Officer/Raid Leader)
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    still looking for more! if you want to be apart, get in touch!

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    yes indeed we are looking

    - - - Updated - - -

    Looking for moreee

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    While some classes are "full" for raid spots, we really love any-and-all applicants. You may not have a solid spot now, but you might win one for 5.4! Come talk to use, we're pretty cool peeps. And Partyshark/Nomms makes a great sharko.

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    I'm a Prot paladin looking around for a new potential raid team for 5.4 and this fits what I was looking for. However, the raid times are a bit late for me (I have to wake up early for work)...would the raid times be flexible at all?

    A bit more about myself here.

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    :d yay for party shark

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    Join today and get a bonus prize! What bonus, you might be asking? *Insert something witty here*

    (Yea, I'm really bad at this)

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    Could still use a healer (monk preferred) and a mage.

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    Dear mistweavers: join us, all monk tier to you!

    (I may or may not be able to deliver on that promise)

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    Heck yes healers

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    Join Party Shark and good times will be had by all!

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    Progression on just 2 nights a week... leaves lots of time for other things!

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    Come see how awesome we are before 5.4!

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    Ever wonder what a Party Shark is?

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    5.4 comes out Sept. 10th...

    - - - Updated - - -

    25 Man Guild Raiding, with no cliques: High school's been over a long time.

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    Figured I'd elaborate in-case anyone a bit older on this site remembers me, or use to browse the WoW forums a lot.

    Former top Enhance Shaman (Dioxy), my raiding experience has been with Top 5/10/20 U.S Guilds (Whatever Were Awesome, Reckoning) to name a few. I helped coordinate back in T11 (first tier of cata) the largest Shaman representation and Q&A since the beginning of WoW, alongside of well-known shamans such as Cochice, Ryethe, Purge, and a few others.

    Now that you know my brief Tl;DR history, I have to say I am having more enjoyment raiding with these group of people then I have in previous years with different guilds. While I enjoyed chasing server first / U.S top 5, parses and so forth, I didn't have any social atmosphere with any of the previous guild mentioned. Now don't get me wrong, this is a Hardcore guild but without the Hardcore schedule. Our goals aren't to reach Top 100 or whatever, but too clear the entire current content at the time, and gather the achievements and mounts. And to put that in perspective, going 13/13H right now in ToT would almost put you in top 100, if ranking is your thing. And I have no doubt in my mind that this is EASILY in our reach.

    It's quite a breather knowing I can log on at any time of the day and have people to talk to in mumble. We want every person to feel like they can communicate with one another and build a friendship. We don't deal with Drama or petty attitudes and encourage those whom has an issue with someone to bring it up to an officer to try and work something out. So by joining this guild you can expect the drama to stay to a minimum.

    Don't join expecting this to be your casual guild. Because we have hard-core goals. We want those whom can put in the effort outside of raiding to help maximize our 2 day raiding schedule. We put up strats on current / upcoming content in TL;DR form to help our raiders prepare for fights before stepping into them. So we can be more efficient as a guild. so while we're not putting in more then 8 hours a week (2 days), we do expect you invest some time in preparation for fights, as well as having your toon raid ready (no different then any other hard-core guild).

    However, we welcome anyone to apply, and as a former top raider, I can easily and honestly say I haven't enjoyed raiding this much in quite some-time now. And if it wasn't for joining this guild, I would of continued on with my hiatus from the game.

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    Come tonight and maybe you can help us kill Ji-Kun...or more likely, grab some pom poms to cheer us on. Either way.

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    It's what we're about!

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