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    When I swapped form Mage to war in a pinch due to a MT going MIA I was LOST! There was debuffs, cd's both of and deff to rememebr etc etc. i was basically a lost puppy trying to find his way home and the one thing that helped me out with all the cd management and making sure I was doing the proper rotation was setting up Raven.

    to this day my UI is composed of 3 custom bars that save me all teh time 1) Deff CD's up 2) priority system rotation bar 3) Offensive CD bar.

    As you can see here even for some one totaly new to the class / spec you would be able to see what you had to cast next and all you woudl need to learn is the key binds :

    So like many have said get a UI that helps you out > trying to memorize it

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    Weak Auras is very useful on managing buffs and procs. Give it a try.

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    This is my WeakAura for Invo, I position over my Evocation button.

    To use it, install WeakAuras, in your chat window type /wa and the bottom option on the right pane is to import, just copy and paste this string in there and hit done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pspsully View Post
    This is my WeakAura for Invo, I position over my Evocation button.

    To use it, install WeakAuras, in your chat window type /wa and the bottom option on the right pain is to import, just copy and paste this string in there and hit done.

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    Just a hint, if you want it to be copy/pastable you should use the [code ] [/code ] block

    Quote Originally Posted by Ryngo Blackratchet View Post
    Yeah, Rhandric is right, as usual.

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    I wish i understood how to use weak auras, but every time i try i end up rage quitting.

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    Thanks rhandric

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    Quote Originally Posted by unholyness View Post
    Honestly as a RL I really wouldnt want a raider who can't keep track of a 1 min cd. It isnt the community's problem that people look for a add-on instead of learning their class and how to play.
    That's fine, as an RL you have every right to make that decision. No it's not the communities problem, his problem will be resolved from self-awareness and practice. However, admitting your fault and asking for suggestions shouldn't warrant "you're a shitty player, why even try". I would also think as a RL you would encourage the use of addons since they make things easier to track, and theoretically that equals better DPS output, healing etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aktec View Post
    I remember that thread, the maths on it was fundamentally wrong, if you truely are bad at managing the invocation buff then it might be an option, but just do what myself and many others and have an addon to show hen the buff isnt up. Personally I use weak auras, when the buff is about to fall off I get a big icon near the middle of my screen to countdown its duration and it wont go away until I refresh it.
    what was fundamentally wrong about that math?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Temperance Brennan View Post
    reread it please, I'm talking about taking Incanters' Ward talent and NEVER USING IT, JUST RELY ON THE PASSIVE.

    that thread I linked showed that if you don't use invocation or RoP for nearly the entire time, it's worse than just using the passive.
    I used to be like you. I was never good at buff management. In fact, I also have a ret pally alt that I never play because I am just too bad at keeping that buff up. At the start of 5.2 I still was using IW because 1) I felt I benefitted more from the passive and 2) I could anticipate when I could use the shield to gain the buff from that.

    However, about half way between 5.2 and 5.3 I decided to try Invocation. It took a little getting used to, but once I did it changed my life (or at least my damage dealing). It takes a little getting used to ofc, but just keep in mind that it is a 1 minute buff so about every 55 seconds or so you need to Evocate. Or just every once in a while glance up at your buffs to check its timer and go from there. Do whatever you need to in order to get comfortable keeping Invocation up. It makes a huge difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Temperance Brennan View Post
    what was fundamentally wrong about that math?
    I think it was because it assumed you would have 100% dps uptime with IW but for some reason would lose dps time if you took the others(not counting the time it takes to cast).

    basically I think it works out something like this

    assuming it takes 2 secs to cast (60/62)*1.15= about 1.11

    so in reality you lose 5% spell power, So like I said earlier in the thread its doable to just run with the passive but just know you will be gimping yourself

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    I was in the same boat as you. I always forget to evocate. But now i cant stop using it :P i get paranoid that its gonna drop and refresh it way earlier.

    So either just gotta practice or get some addons but i recommend to try and get used to it yourself.
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    Weakauras - use that and if your like me and tend to tunnel in with your eyeballs, do like I did and have that aura make a loud noise. I picked the Moan that sounds like a woman in the throes of an orgasm. Even after 2 months of using that, I still get a laugh from hearing that aura go off.

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    If you're really bad at buff management and just want to be able to spam your DPS buttons, then take Incanter's Ward and don't ever use the shield. Or reroll a Hunter.

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