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    Question Transmoggable Helms - What side are you taking?

    I recently read the featured content on the front page and noticed the new "Transmoggable Helms" Blizzard store items. I also noticed the utter, as someone else put it, "shitstorm" that was the comment section.

    There appears to be a lot of controversy regarding this topic and 2 main sides to the argument (as to whether the helmets should be there or not) as a whole.

    One side tends to be more passive -
    • Who cares? It is only cosmetic it's not like they are selling tier gear
    • It's your choice to spend money on this and you aren't forced to
    • The cash from this may even help fund the content of the game further

    The other side is more aggressive -
    • WoW is dying! It's a downhill slope from here!
    • Blizzard is wasting time on cosmetic content rather than end-game or leveling content
    • Blizzard and Activision are just being greedy and milking the cash cow further

    So what side are you on in this situation? Or do you have your own unique point of view on the topic? Please do post below your opinions as I am intrigued as to how people are reacting to this as a whole.

    Is this a metaphor of what potentially is to come for blizzard?

    Cheers and thanks for having me on the forums!
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    i'm on the i couldn't care less side. honestly all it does it make your character look a little bit different, big fucking whoop.

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    Thankfully I have more sense than money.

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    I don't really mind stuff like that. Make them BOE and we can get them trough ingame gold. problem solved for the haters
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    I'm the one sitting on the fence watching neighbours rage about each other's greener grass.

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    The "Who cares" side.

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    I'm in the "Who cares? If people want to buy cosmetic pets/mounts/transmog gear, that's up to them." group.
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    I don't care at all. My first thought was that this might be the mechanism by which they make certain items available, i.e. unrestorable quest items and such. Also sets a precedent for what Rift or TOR players enjoy, which is not having their appearance limited by armor class restrictions.

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    I don't care.

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    Cosmetic only armor is fine. I just hope it doesn't end into bland-looking in game armor and awesome looks only for more $.
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    Don't care other than to enjoy the outrage.

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    I'm in the middle you can say as a mix of these: Who cares? It is only cosmetic it's not like they are selling tier gear and WoW is dying! It's a downhill slope from here!. Since I think blizz will just keep adding more items soon to buildup to a full ca$$$h shop with gear being sold.

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    As long as the store is limited to vanity items, I'm fine.
    The very moment items are sold that give you a distinct advantage in terms of numbers, I start getting wary.

    Ther slipperiest slope isnt those vanity helmets. It's the (rumored?) +experience consumeable.

    On the other hand, the importance/fun of levelling has decreased vastly over time, and endgame has become more and more important.
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    I don't care, I'd rather like to get transmog gear in game then spending money on it.
    Either way I don't care

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    As long as the money and time they spend on that stuff don't take from lore development it's ok

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    In a game where gear is the largest carrot to play for, I kind of have a problem when they start selling it.

    What is gear really?
    -a graphic

    Transmog items are 1/2 of what gear is. It just doesn't seem right. Especially when it's rather dubious how they allocate their resources to design these kinds of things. Missed opportunity and such.

    Even worse it's makes me question, why not sell Ilvl gear? Would many care? That's the whole crux of the matter and why they sell these items, because the majority don't mind. But would the majority mind if they sold Heroic dungeon gear?

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    I don't care about cosmetic stuff for $ in a F2P game but why pay a sub if dev's are just gunna use those resources to make something that has another price tag on it?

    Cash shops have no place in a game that already requires a sub - the only exception was when blizz had mounts/pets and portion of profits went to charity.

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    I am against it, slippery slope.

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    As long as the store doesn't sell items that affect combat, I don't really care what they put in it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forgettable View Post
    As long as the store doesn't sell items that affect combat, I don't really care what they put in it.
    you realize your sub is paying them to make these items, right? wouldn't that money be better spent on actual content that doesn't have an extra price tag?

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