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    What if Green Fire had been a Cash Store option?

    What if Green Fire had been, instead of being put in game as something players really have to be earned, it was simply put behind a $15 paywall? After all, it's just as cosmetic as the helms or mounts, with no lore quest behind it.

    But wait, some of you might say, Warlocks have been asking for Green Fire for years! That would be utter exploitation. Well what about the bat mount? Horde players had been asking for a bat for years and it was put behind a paywall, and they're both largely the same (purely cosmetic).

    Some of you would be rightfully outraged (though some apologists would simply not care). Well I feel like some might better understand the situation with the pet store. Things that were requested for years, that were minor aesthetic changes and that would (if obtained ingame) have meant some degree of prestige are being simply given out to anybody with some cash to waste, and the items are objectively a drain on resources for items that go ingame. Devs making those items could have instead have been on the game. Even if it was just a day of one person's time, that still could have been spent on the actual game, right?
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    I personally don't have problems with the helms or other pet store items. I do think that if they had spells cost for changing their appearance, the pricing would likely be outrageous. I enjoy working for such a thing, and can admit that even though I have been working at it for weeks, I have yet to get my green fire. I don't have that much of a problem with that, its a great challenge.
    I feel that if it were anything over a few dollars at most it would outrageous to price those to buy. It would become something I simply just don't buy.

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    I personally wouldn't mind, as long as it didn't have a level requirement on it. I would've loved to have green fire on my lock as he leveled, that would've been awesome.

    I just don't take this game as seriously as some people, I guess. I don't feel the need to spend months grinding raids and such for gear I'm just going to replace when the next expansion hits. I don't feel that drive to 'earn' a lot of things, and definitely not something cosmetic. Granted, I also like pet battles, so I guess I'm just one of the weird ones.
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    Not sure you can compare them. Yes, they are cosmetic, but in very different ways. Changing all the spell animations requires a lot more work than simply having an intern model a helmet in a day.

    And you even brought up people had been asking for green flame, nobody asked for flaming helmets that look absurd. Along with the fact that the warlock green flame quest is actually reasonably hard (well it was before people got way more gear) whereas getting transmog gear is just a grind and not at all difficult. So there's quite a big difference, because not everybody is good enough to get the green flame so it adds prestige, whereas anyone with a mouse can get transmog gear, so having cool looking transmog isn't really prestigious, it just shows you like grinding old instances or buying gear from the AH.

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    Blizz's ultimate goal is to make money. That's their highest priority. That much should be obvious. The Pet Store gives them another way to do that. I highly doubt that Blizz would include things in the Pet Store that let players gain tangible in-game advantages (gear with stats, runes etc etc), because then the game would be accused of being "pay-to-win" and that would likely be more bad for business than good.

    But cosmetic stuff like pets and mounts have no impact on the game other than looking nice. They do not make the game "pay-to-win". They are added bonuses and you are not necessarily entitled to them. If you want it, buy it. If not, don't. Regardless of your choice, other people ARE buying it and Blizz is making extra money that way. So I don't see the Pet Store going away anytime soon. That leaves you with some choices. Suck it up and keep playing. Unsubscribe. Or keep whinging on the forums about stuff that is really incidental to the rest of the game I guess.

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    I don't think I'd care. I have a lock, I'm doing the last guy (he's kinda rough with my gear, so I do it until I get frustrated then do something else), and I can see why some people would prefer just to buy it instead of doing a quest for it. If they offered both options, like a challenging quest or buying it, I can see it panning out better rather than being strictly available via the cash shop.

    But, as for my opinion, I wouldn't mind it in the least.

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    I think this belongs to WoW forums but I think the cash shop existing at all in a sub based game is an insult so obviously Im against anything and everything thats being added there.

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    So much for the tolerant left.
    I don't really care what others choose to spend their money on.
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    No more ridiculous than people spending money on a disco donkey that is essentially a reskinned invincible.

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    Don't play warlock so I couldn't give a shit.

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    I really wouldn't care since I think the green fire looks like crap anyway. I much rather have the normal fire color.

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    I wouln't have bought it - not even doing the questline atm

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    i am a bit jealous that warlocks got a special quest, with a special fight. so if the green fire was simply the tome, with no quest attached, pretty much you pay for it, click the tome, and instantly your fire is now green. then fine with me. i dont think it would have been fair to charge them money to do the quest line. the former is a cosmetic change, the latter is actual content. big difference to me.
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    These discussions are getting ridiculous now, it's almost as if they have only just discovered that WoW has a store that sells vanity items. They added 3 transmog items to the store and suddenly it's "EVERYTHING WILL BE IN THE STORE FROM NOW ON", etc etc. Pathetic.
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    Ahh this all reminds me of those heady days of 2010, and a certain horse .

    Tbh, still charging for the base game + expansions as well as asking for a sub seems incredibly archaic and money grubbing in today's industry, store items and in game MTs is just salt in the gaping eye wound. But, it's still a pretty old debate, been going since wrath. Considering it's just aesthetic stuff the reaction seems a bit much. At least TRH gave you a potential flying mount, and there for a small in game advantage for alts.

    I guess Activision Blizzard have just based a huge chunk of the business around wow being as successful as it was in 2011. Now it's dropped off a bit, they need to milk everything they can before the shareholders bail. Kind of sad, especially when a lot of mmo's -often just as, if not more advanced - tick by just fine with a fraction of wow's users with much less money down/sub fees.

    Wow may one day have to go F2P, but they don't seem to understand that it's really all or nothing. You can't just have it every way you can think of without people complaining.

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    Since I actually did the whole thing and struggled for hours at Kanrethad, then yeah I would have been outraged. I am indifferent about the hats, dont like them? dont buy them. But with something like the fel fire then I would feel that it would be on line with a raid achievement mount, something which actually takes quite some time to get.

    Also it would totally ruin the feeling of finally getting the fel fire after all that work. It isn't satisfying to just go to a web page and buy a thingy and then have green fire, but when you work your bottoms off for it then its so much better but thats just in my opinion ofc.

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    I hate everything that cost extra money. This is not a F2P game.

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    I wouldn't care that much bout the effect itself. But the quest line is awesome, would be sad if they hadn't implemented it.
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    If it had been a shop option from the get-go, then I'd have bought it and saved myself the trouble.
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    It's not a business model I'd be pissed about (though $15 is a bit much) because it's aesthetic and doesn't help you win. If Blizzard wants to sell items for mogging and for changing the way spells look, that's fine.

    Though, I think since Green Fire has been demanded since the beginning of WoW time, it would be smart of Blizzard to offer this one for free.
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