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    Lei Shen 10 man normal help

    Hey guys, so my guild just started raiding this week and we're currently on Lei Shen.
    We've had a night of attempts but I figured I'd come here for some advice.

    Our setup is as follows:
    Tanks: Monk and Paladin
    Healers: Disc Priest, Shaman, and Monk
    DPS: Paladin, Rogue, Lock, Mage, Ele Shaman

    World of Logs: Phenomenal on US-Mal'Ganis
    I can't post links

    We have chosen to 3 heal it, but I'm starting to think that it's definitely 2 healable and I can go shadow. And should we be overloading the Diffusion Chain then the Static Shock conduits? Static Shock was raping us RNG-wise. There was an attempt where we had 3 static shocks in one quadrant.
    Any tips? We're trying it again tonight and I want to see if we need to change anything big.
    Thanks guys!

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    It's definitely 2-healable, but since you have a Disc and MW that can put up good DPS while still putting out decent healing, 3-healing shouldn't be a problem (and will be easier if your healers know how to do damage).

    Overloading Diffusion then Overcharge is generally easiest. Put as little energy as possible into Static Shock (and never level it).

    Other tips: have your tanks each solo a quadrant (4-4-1-1, then 4-4-2). It makes soaking Static really easy.

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    Thanks! one question: will there still be multiple bouncing bolts in the tanks' quadrants for the first transition?

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    Quote Originally Posted by loslax View Post
    Thanks! one question: will there still be multiple bouncing bolts in the tanks' quadrants for the first transition?
    RNG can throw 2 balls at a tank platform. They soak one, pick up the add, soak the other. They shouldn't need heals.
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    Blizzard offered cardboard cut outs with poster pictures of bosses stapled on them upside down and sideways and many players now feel that is raiding.

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    okay thanks guys!

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    Tbh, even with 3 healers, the dps requirement is very far from tight. We killed it with our best dps going tank (our former tank lost his account) and by taking a guildie with 0/12 T15 and a dps below those of tanks.
    So yeah, you can 2-heal or 3-heal it, it does not really matter as long as the fight is executed correctly.

    What we did was:
    P1: Diffusion at 96, the two following at 92 and Statick Shock as low as possible.
    P2: Level up Overcharged and put it at 90+, the next one at 90- and Statick Shock as low as possible.

    Getting rid of Diffusion is really a good thing for P2 and you can level up Overcharged if your dps is low, it shouldn't matter as all since everybody is packed during second transition (there's no diffusion anymore, remember? )

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    Overload dif chain first, then overcharge. This is easiest execution wise way. Put a 2 tanks on one, rogue + mistweaver on another, 1 heal 2 dps on the rest resulting in 2/2/3/3.On second transition split tanks to go form 2 groups of 4 and mw and rogue remain as group of 2. Rogue is amazing with faint and cloak, and monk can solo soak 2 shocks in a row as well. Anything works basicly, since the dmg is not very high. Use 3 healers and have MW + disc do fistweaving and atonement. If you havent killed it yet post what kills you or logs, so we can work it out.

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    ended up killing it thanks to you guys' advice thanks a ton everybody!

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