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    Updated the proc for Legendary healingback

    From the frontpage: http://ptr.wowdb.com/items/102247-ji...ji#17169-17191. Interesting mechanic, depends abit on RPPM - risk of being broken. Doesn't this look pretty yummy for Holy though? EoL, The other 5 (In my case) for Divine Hymn, "wasted" DI procs. Would also be intersting to see how much it would really translate to in numbers by simply picking a full health target, pop cd's, and just go to town.

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    All depends on the range of the heal. If its 15 then thats a pretty good little AoE heal.

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    Confirmed. Sending supplies.
    Not like overheal was really a thing that happened before now, but nice. A ~8-10% throughput increase during its uptime. That's a huge upgrade over the old shitty proc.

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    It looks really nice for Holy.
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    This makes our current 2PC buff to PoM seem small (Of course depending on the range) if it makes all ticks of PoH 100% effective. It will also turn PoH into a smart heal when stacked up which makes the heal WAY better. This cape is pretty huge for holy priests. Excited to see it in use...

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    Not great for disc, but something. Nice to imagine that PoH will become a little smarter.

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    Oh great another thing to keep track off.

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