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    Patch 5.4 Scene Scripts (Spoilers)

    Heya guys, I have been reading scene scripts and did my best to bring you how the Legendary quest will fallow upAll those text strings are also from audio files that were datamined in the past but this is just sorted up now how it will trigger in the game...

    Wrathion and Lorewalker Cho telling a story ^^

    --OnScene start
    --This page is mostly intended to handle audio back and forth between Wrathion and Cho.
    --See their respective script pages for addtional behaviors.

    wrathion: "Here! My champion arrives!"
    lorewalker: "Ah, of course! My old friend from the Jade Forest!"
    lorewalker: "Wait wait wait - let me make sure I get the story right."
    lorewalker: "Pandaren will tell this tale for generations!"
    wrathion: "It starts with a hero."
    lorewalker: "An outsider, from beyond the mists!"
    wrathion: "Conquering a strange new land!"
    lorewalker: "Must we use the word, "Conquer?""
    wrathion: "Venturing into forgotten vaults..."
    lorewalker: "Mantid and mogu alike were brought low by the hero's fury."
    wrathion: "Their power and wisdom seized for a greater glory!"
    lorewalker: "When war came to Pandaria's shores, our hero was ready."
    wrathion: "A faction standard-bearer, beloved by the people and feared by their foes."
    lorewalker: "Even the mighty Thunder King fell before our champion's might."
    wrathion: "One by one the secrets of an ancient empire were laid bare."
    lorewalker: "Knowledge uncovered for the benefit of the world."
    wrathion: "POWER acquired for WAR and CONQUEST!"
    lorewalker: "Let us stop for a moment - what kind of hero are we talking about?"
    Wrathion: "An agent of destruction, forged by my will to forever change the face of Azeroth."
    Wrathion: "Behold! Latent Titan power, imbued with my own draconic essence, tempered by the wisdom of the Pandaren celestials."
    Wrathion: "Overwhleming power. Use it to heal or destroy! To protect or annihilate!"
    Lorewalker: "My friend, please think carefully about the legacy you will leave behind."
    Wrathion: "Come to me, champion! Collect your well-earned reward!"
    Lorewalker: "How will the story end?"
    Wrathion: "There is only one way to find out."
    - Now comes the part where you get the legendary cloak, maybe the scene is not yet finished -

    Cho and Shaohao
    Now this scene is possible when we kill the Sha of Pride, or clear the pandaria from Sha corruption. I still don't get it yet ;P

    ----Tree Planting Scene ----
    lorewalker: Dear Emperor. It is done. The darkness that you once struggled against has been purged from Pandaria - forever.
    lorewalker: But the cost... such a terrible cost.
    --Extra spacer to give the emperor time to arrive cause he's a boss yo
    shaohao: Do not despair the damage that was done here, Lorewalker.
    shaohao: Yet you triumphed over the darkness I had locked away.
    shaohao: You have shown Pandaria the power of a true hero.
    shaohao: But the question still remains ... why do we fight?
    shaohao: I trust you have learned: To fight out of fear or anger is to fight a war that never ends.
    shaohao: Face your fears. Calm your hatreds.
    shaohao: Find peace within yourself, so that you may share it with the world around you.
    shaohao: These are the greatest treasures in life.
    shaohao: Surely they ... are worth fighting for.
    lorewalker: Thank you, dear emperor

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    Interesting indeed, sure do look forward to all this lore. =)

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    If I understand correctly, the 1st transcript is following after defeating the 4 Celestials on Timeless Isle and you get your legendary cloak.

    And yes, the 2nd is after defeating the Sha of Pride.
    Thanks a bunch for the Signature, Cthulhu Ftagn.

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    Nice job, Silencer! Let's revisit this page after 5.4 arrives and see how well you did.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyplor View Post
    Nice job, Silencer! Let's revisit this page after 5.4 arrives and see how well you did.

    I would then blame ScenScripts.db2 for lying me !

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    Thank you for doing this and well done!

    I have to quote this part because it gave me a good laugh.
    Quote Originally Posted by Silencer View Post
    --Extra spacer to give the emperor time to arrive cause he's a boss yo

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