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    Question regarding which platforms to overload on 10 man Lei Shen

    My 10 man group just got to Lei Shen are will be working on him next raid night. We've gotten a few attempts in already and are making sure the Diffusion chain conduit is the first to overload. We've done this b/c that's what the guides say to do but in my opinion that doesn't seem to be very tough to deal with even if people don't spread and a few small adds spawn during the transition phases. Usually wipes come due to people dying from static shock or not soaking bouncing bolts. Why not get rid of one of those 2? Is there anything i'm missing? Any tips or advice would be appreciated.

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    The overloaded pillar is important for p2 and second transition, it doesn't change first transition at all.

    The second transition is rather easy without Diffusion. I don't know which is easier between "without Diffusion" and "without Static shock", tbh. But, yeah, I think we've never wiped during second transition since you just pack everybody on each platform.
    During the second phase, though, I think Diffusion is the worst ability. You want people to be able to pack in order to aoe the adds.

    Anyway, it's totally doable by overloading another pillar first. It just depends on which ability gives you most trouble during p2 and second transition.

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    Overload Diffusion Chain frist and Static Shock second. if you overload Diffusion Chain you can stack up during Lightning Bolts all time, cause no platform requires it to spread if Diffusion Chain is deactivated.
    Deactivating Static Shock second is more of a practical solution. Since you want to deactivate two fields next to each other, you can only go for Static Shock or Overcharge. Since you do not want to have more then three Overcharges at a time, you will start at Overcharge platform after the first transition, let it empower once, drag Lei Shen to Bouncing Bolts, don´t let it empower and drag him finally to Static Shock, where you finish the phase regardless of the empowerment.

    If you die from static shock, you need to improve your cooldownmanagement. Even a Furywarrior, who wasn´t blessed with defensive cooldowns this addon, may survive solosoaking with all of his few cooldowns. If you die from people not catching the Bouncing Bolts, I guess you lack spatial awareness. Simply tell your people to look closer.
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    I assume this is for normal?

    If it is then the objective for Diffusion chain is to allow people to stack when the Ball Lightning comes out and just aoe it down quickly before it causes any problems. Static Shock isn't really a problem since many classes have ways to avoid the damage. Bouncing Bolts are just an issue of people paying attention and soaking it.

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    As Senen says: it doesnt matter for the first transition which you disable, if people die from static shocks it's a different issue you need to attend to. During the first transition you get each ability anyway.

    You want to remove Diffusion since you need to spread out for that. All other abilities require you to hug up, so for the 2nd ability you want the diffusion gone.

    Our first attempts were with 1: Diffusion (to allow stacking) and then 2. Static Shock.
    However we felt the dmg from static shock was too high to survive it easy, so we later adapted that to
    1. Diffusion, 2. Overcharge... it means we sometimes got 3x overcharge during the 2nd transition, but since everyone is stacked properly anyway... i doesn't do anything whatsoever. you just stand there and /dance.

    That's what got us the kill.
    The fight just takes practise really. Once you get the hang of it it's not to bad, but just takes a lot of practise in the transitions. Good luck!

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    Fairly certain most people go with 1.Diffusion2.Overcharge simply because stacking up negates overcharge 100% and is made easier since you already broke diffusion chain.

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    Fairly certain most people go with 1.Diffusion2.Overcharge simply because stacking up negates overcharge 100% and is made easier since you already broke diffusion chain.
    This is what my group found easiest. I can see merit in removing static shock first if you have reliable raid members like most people don't XD
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    We disable static shock first. If you have few solo soakers this is maybe the way to go. I would say it doesn't matter anyway which platform you deactivate, because none of them is especially hard to handle at least on normal mode.
    Just pick the one which you think fits you best.
    If you hate the stun thing. Disable it.
    If you hate the adds from diffusion chain and constantly get more then one add. Disable it.
    If you hate people getting gibbed by static shock. Disable it.
    If you hate ball lightning because people usually forget to stand inside it. Disable it.

    You even don't have to disable to platforms that are adjacent. We disabled static shock first and diffusion chain second in our first kill. One platform is more then enough for P3 on normal.

    Another thing you want to keep in mind: The only thing that really changes a lot in the fight is which platform you choose to disable in P1. All the others just do a little bit more damage or occur more often.

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