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    Quote Originally Posted by The Glitch View Post
    Hunters have feign death.. this should make it so much easier for you guys.

    I did it as a moonkin in ilevel 505 gear and didn't have the int buff, feign death + balcony = win , no?

    feign death doesn't work since fix and for everyone standing on the balcony rail should save your arse but bursting him down is much more effective :/

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    from the hot fix patch notes thingy
    Celestial Blessings: Reduced the health and damage of Neltharion's Tears for players attempting Yu'lon or Xuen's Celestial Challenge.
    that's the ranged and melee one right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Decisive The Hallowed View Post
    The reason why Im ranting about this is the fact that 2 out of the 3 challenges are easier than the 3rd. Its unbalanced.
    And while you say its easy on your class, each class have their own strengths and weaknesses that can give them either an advantage or disadvantage to the fight.

    Don't talk about the healing / DPS challenges if you don't even have a tank or DPS character. It's embarrassing for you. The DPS 1 is easy. Kite the adds while blowing up Wrathion. Super hard.

    Quote Originally Posted by Enosh View Post
    from the hot fix patch notes thingy

    that's the ranged and melee one right?
    Yeah. I don't know why they're nerfing it though. On my Rogue (544 ilvl) I blew Wrathion up in 27 seconds.

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    I can't see how anyone could wipe to the melee dps challenge, especially as frost DK.
    If you are geared, (OP is) you can take 50% of Wrathion's hp (if you dps his back) during arc cast + stun with all cooldowns on.
    As frost DK you can just howling blast the adds, they get slowed down and die quickly.

    As fury warrior I was a bit worried since I cant kite the adds at all. But it was not a problem, got them only once and they didn't do much damage at all (their damage increases over time) I just AoE'd them down. If Wrathion wouldn't take so much damage and if he wouldn't have so little hp, then this might be slightly challenging, but if you have done anything on Brawlgar arena, then this should be a joke to you.
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    It doesn't need to be nerfed, the other challenges need to be buffed.

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    Why are people so quick to demand a nerf on everything these days... Times have changed and no one cares about getting better anymore.
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