View Poll Results: Which class, for you.. Is "Fun" to level.

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  • Warrior

    23 12.71%
  • Priest

    9 4.97%
  • Shaman

    15 8.29%
  • Druid

    8 4.42%
  • Monk

    23 12.71%
  • Death Knight

    21 11.60%
  • Mage

    4 2.21%
  • Warlock

    19 10.50%
  • Rogue

    12 6.63%
  • Hunter

    30 16.57%
  • Paladin

    17 9.39%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Barcasaur View Post
    My rogue will never be my main but its WORLDS ahead on the fun factor

    I really should just make it my main because they are a blast, leveling them world pvp in the process, doing dungeons and espeically BGs (not the fact that subtly is broken at lower levels and a one shot machine if you gear with Boa's and stuff.) being able to be on a class that can really turn the tide of a losing BG is exciting.

    I was in a 65-69 Arathi Basin back when i was leveling my rogue by questing while in BG que's and i had one of those epic 1590 - 1600 wins that i had a cap and defending cap all in the last moments of the game solo.

    the feeling you get playing a rogue is matched by nothing else, and no feral druid is not a close second it doesn't even compare!
    I never played Rogue until a few months ago when I realised it was the one class I'd never played. It's without a doubt the funniest class when you are leveling and in PVP. Can't believe I never played rogue until now..

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    I've never enjoyed levelling. It seems like a pointless formality, especially when the game begins at the maximum level. I really don't care about Manrik's wife, I want to kill bosses and do arena.
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    Hunter. Was my first char and I love managing pets and rolling a ranged class. Besides that would be a DK since their theme and everything seems cool and 60-70 is no problem to them and skips levels

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