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    eww that monk set >.<

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    Maybe I'm lucky this time! sure as hell won't dish out 12€ for one

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    I think VR groups will need a name, due to the sheer amount of realms there are. Wonder what sort of names they'd pick...

    Quote Originally Posted by Drdyne View Post
    Maybe I'm lucky this time! sure as hell won't dish out 12€ for one
    Wrong thread, sir.
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    I think I could use a helm....

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    Quote Originally Posted by chaud View Post
    You won't get recognition if no one tells me about it. I can't read every topic in every forum, as I am only one person.

    I did contact the author of the HoF topic a long time ago about a video and he had none for me to use.
    Dont remember being contacted by you tbh .
    There is a HoF Video but it is not the greatest Quality ( the only one we are going to have though).
    And there is also the Toes Video coming soon.
    I will also be putting up a MSV event soon
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrispotter View Post
    Dont remember being contacted by you tbh
    Maybe it was someone who went then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moveth View Post
    Attack of the Blurry Legion confirmed for 5th Expansion.
    making one of those comments with no backing up what so ever seems legit

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