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    Removing the LvB turret would just crush the spec back to it's primitive roots. Ele Blast combo is far too reliant on RNG, timing, luck and positioning to be worth it and the entire spec then revolves around you praying for an ele blast and fulmination crit. Your constant pressure is nullified completely by removing this, not to mention it would actually damage PvE as well. Flame Shock multi-dotting is used for many fights with Megaera being the most prominent.

    The problem came from buffing the damage by 25%. Before this, it was wasn't as strong on burst. I think more needs to be done in order to make Ele Blast combos more viable and more reliable but it's a pretty difficult solution to fix without it having severe repercussions on other aspects of the game.

    That's not an inherent fix to the problem because it doesn't consider multi-dotting for LvB procs which are a decent DPS increase if you can manage them well. You're buffing something that doesn't help much in PvE and nerfing something without sufficient compensation. Without the compensation, as I've said, Ele would be back to subpar status.

    It's a problem with class design that's not easily fixed since almost everything is revolved around RNG. Every ability has a chance to do massively more damage than average which is a problem. It's difficult to balance accordingly without changing the core overload and echo mechanics in addition to the 250% crit damage that ele exclusively gets.

    I'd really like to see people suggest a solution to Ele's random burst without significantly changing the class, nerfing the spec to oblivion, buffing the spec immensely or damaging PvE performance.

    Right now, all I can think of is slapping an internal cooldown on the lava surge that lasts about 3 seconds but I don't know what ramifications this would have in PvE.
    i wish i could draw you a picture of how hard i was loling on the ground when i read mmoc front page when lvb got buffed 25%

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    Quote Originally Posted by Socialhealer View Post
    any nerfs to flame shock like procs off the last target just RAMS down the fucking throat that ele is a useless spec to bring to a multi dotting fight... only way that'd be remotely acceptable to make it so LS can proc off the last FS you casted is buffing the dot damage by about 500%.
    Maybe you're onto something here. In that respect, FS spam might increase multi target pressure while at the same time devs could decrease the frequency of LvB procs. So far, this is the first suggested change I really like. Maybe then we could get a glyph like DKs; undispellable FS at reduced damage.

    I'm just worried then that clustered AoE might be over the roof with FS + (glyphed) chain lightning spam.

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