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    20 kills, no helm or trinket drops from council. Did coin the hc helm, but so far no trinket.
    Good thing is that ill get it if it ever drops since the rest coined their hc trinkets.

    Same thing with Tortos, no boots at all with a million coins used.

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    If it makes you feel any better, i'm still stuck with my H:Lei Shi gun, and while i've not actively raid this xpack, i still have quite a few kills of Durumu and Iron Qon.

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    And Tortos and shared drop. Now you have 4 weapons instead of one in last tier Which I had never seen

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    Bad JuJu dropped first heroic kill and at the same time i coined the gloves. the kill after i coined the helm.
    Took a few kills but got Tortos bracers with Mastery roll. Finally got HC Quilen yesterday to get rid of tortos bow \o/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zerxeskrogg View Post
    Haha, well it is just the title so I expected the people to somehow read the contents too. Anyway, I am not sure what to say about pairing it with BW,wouldn't it be a waste? Lookin at it like that the results would be, RF under BW hittin instants which pretty much does nothing for me so in the end I would get the same usage of RF since I would get hasted cobra shots once per readiness, at the 3 minute mark.
    Yeah unfortunately everyone read the title, wanted to say ME TOO ME TOO ME TOO I'M A SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE, and didnt end up reading the actual question

    There are a number of reasons to pop it on the second BW. You did mention you wont be firing off cobra shot during this, however the benefits include:
    - Faster Auto Shots, potentially more RPPM procs in BW phase
    - More focus gain, making sure you do not have to waste a GCD on cobra
    - Increased pet focus gain
    - More often than not, you'll have a RPPM proc up anyway
    - If you're prepotting properly you'll probably have 9-10 seconds left on Vermins bit, 4k agi isnt too bad
    - Gives you the most flexibility for usage #3 as you'll have 2 minutes when it comes off CD and before readiness comes up
    - The primary reason I could see delaying it is if you're focus capping during BW, though I've only experienced this happening when we have Blood Lust up along with BW and RF
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    29 kills on all difficulties combined, not a single Renataki drop.

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    if iy makes you feel any better I got the HC TF SHared boss loot bow from Jinrokh HC :P

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    Don't fret it. 192 HC boss kills in DS and never saw the exp/mastery ring on my hunter.

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