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    If they did that, which they won't, I would probably quit. I would tolerate alot of things from Blizzard, but that would be the one thing that drives me over the edge.

    Besides OP have you seen the updated character models? My guess would be no. Blizzard usually does a good job, so I'm sure they will look great and very few people will bitch about not having the old models anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pascal View Post
    The outrage would be overwhelming. How long have they been talking about/promising new character models?

    Oh, surprise guys, we totally have those new models - AVAILABLE NOW IN THE CASH SHOP!

    Let's be honest here. Everything Blizzard does results in outrage especially on these forums. Case in point, Proving Grounds. I'm seeing people who endlessly bitched about them not being in game yet and as soon as it is announced for 5.4 immediately flip flop and bitch that it is a waste of development time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Airwaves View Post
    Not there just yet. Atleast our action bars are still free.
    For now...

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    Quote Originally Posted by JasonWuzHear View Post
    OP's not trolling, he's proving a point. People say they don't care if the shop only offers cosmetic items; however, OP can prove that there's at least one instance of cosmetic content that people can all agree is stupid to pay for. He's proving that their is no fine line between good cash shop practice, everyone has their own limits.
    The OP has no point. Blizzard is updating character models to update the look of the game. Yes they could charge for character models but that runs counter to the intent behind updating them in the first place. This should be blatantly obvious to anyone with a working brain stem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zergal View Post
    I agree !

    Lets put raids in the cash shop too. Get attuned to Heroic SoO for $4.99 only !
    Too bad Blizzard took out attunements years ago.

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    By "everyone's happy" do you mean the forums explode in rage?

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    What's next, "Pay $20 to unlock HEROIC MODE of *Insert Instance Here*!
    No thanks.
    draenor eu

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    Quote Originally Posted by xanzul View Post
    Too bad Blizzard took out attunements years ago.
    Tried going in an heroic raid without having killed the last boss on normal beforehand?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zeNNoN View Post
    Considering that one helm costs 12€, full updated model would cost atleast 70-80€. That would be a fair price. After all, it does make you look better, doesn't it?
    There are thousands of helms in game right now as we speak with more being added in every patch some of which are arguably better looking than the helms that will be on the Blizzard store. No one has to pay to get a transmog helm because there are in game options. Transmogging your helm only affects how YOUR character looks personally and doesn't affect other players whereas with new character models it is a game wide update with no other option to obtain it.

    It isn't the same thing no matter how you spin it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zergal View Post
    Judging by this website, i'm sure they can get away with anything and get an army of apologists anyway.
    I know this is hard to understand but not being a frothing at the mouth hater doesn't mean you are an apologist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cronch View Post
    I'm honestly surprised to see so many people legitimately excited for the WoW cash shop growth. I figured people would have more common sense, really. What do you think is going to happen when Blizzard sees that they can get away with putting more and more content that should be accessible in-game on the cash shop? They're going to push those boundaries, and there's not been a whole lot feedback from the playerbase indicating that they're about to hit a limit any time soon. Blizzard sees this as an opportunity to double dip (or triple dip, if you include the trading cards) into peoples' wallets, and people are just holding them open for them.

    You'll notice I said "content that should be accessible in-game." I said that because that is the fundamental reason people still supported the subscription model. In a market that is almost completely converted to free-to-play or buy-to-play with cash shops, I've seen hundreds, if not thousands, of posts from people saying they stick to WoW because they don't have a cash shop, so all of the content (gear, mounts, pets, everything) could be achieved in-game. That's not the case anymore. Blizzard is actively creating content with the specific goal of hiding it behind a paywall, on top of the subscription fee. And people who so adamantly decried other games for doing this are now cheering Blizzard on as they do it. Don't get me wrong, I don't see a problem with Blizzard implementing something like this specifically in regions that don't pay the subscription fee. But they should at least give subscription-paying players the option to buy those items with gold in-game.

    Of course I am pretty much expecting a deluge of spite towards me for saying all this, with such responses as "IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT DON'T PAY INTO IT SIMPLE AS THAT." Well, first off, I'm one step ahead of you. I've already frozen my account, which truth be told I've been meaning to for a while now. I just don't play enough to warrant paying anymore, but this whole cash shop thing convinced me to flip the switch for good. Second, the whole "if you don't like it, don't buy it" thing doesn't really work as well as you'd think, especially when it comes to the gaming community at large. The gaming consumer base is pretty devoid of informed consumers, and most informed consumers are often shot down when speaking up by a barrage of "gamer entitlement" name-calling.

    I got a bit off track I think, so I'll just say this last: it won't stop at transmog helms, experience boosters, or lesser charm packs. Blizzard used to be adamantly against any microtransactions. But then they saw the profit that was to be had in it. And now that gravy train is rolling and can't be stopped. And the whole time, the majority of the people paying their subscription fees like good little customers won't see a single thing wrong with it.
    In all honesty I don't give a fuck about what is in the cash shop as long as there are in game alternatives that don't involve having to pay extra and as long as it only gives players convenience or it is cosmetic. Something that affects the entire game such as new character models won't be in the cash shop for the simple fact that Blizzard wants certain things to be a unified experience for all players which is the main reason for the updates in the first place. It is the same reason why they decided to no longer make races an expansion feature and all new races current and in the future will be available to all players regardless of account level.

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    Fuck off with this idea, seriously.

    They could simply add a switch option between old and new models instead of this atrocious idea you are presenting.

    If you defend this idea I say you're all deserving of corporate dominance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skorpionss View Post
    Wow... there are ppl here that actually want to PAY MONEY to get what SHOULD be included in the sub fees... I was OK with the pets that were for charity... even bought the Panda when it came out because u know... charity... but unless they donate like 90% of the money they get from cash shop to charity I'm against it for as long as sub fees are still 15$/month.
    But why do you think it should be included in the subscription? Yes that is typically how it was done before and yes I get that players prefer it that way but who said it should be that way? I don't object to the fact people don't want to pay extra but what I do object to are these arbitrary rules people make up so they can present their opinion as fact. It hurts your argument and makes it that much less likely to convince anyone to change their view and more importantly it isn't going to make Blizzard reconsider the cash shop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Every Pwny View Post
    If Blizzard decides to put it up on the cash shop, I'm sure there will be tons of people defending the decision. It would be disappointing to me though.
    Just because people disagree with you doesn't mean they are defending anything.

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    why would they be put in the store for people that dont want them when they can just make the option between new and old character models on the character creation screen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peso View Post
    So you're saying if the USA changes they should not follow their constitution anymore?
    What the fuck are you even talking about? Are you seriously comparing changing business models to a country completely ignoring its own rules and laws? You people are so out of touch with reality it isn't even funny anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaleredar View Post
    Where did Blizzard say they wouldn't sell cosmetic stuff?

    Find me the quote in which they say "we will not sell cosmetic items ever."
    In addition to that Blizzard has been talking about doing things like this for quite some time. In fact they have been charging for character recustomization for a long time now. People need to stop acting like this stuff is new.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coldrain View Post
    let's all just continue to post this in every thread about it

    Source for that for anyone curious.
    Classic servers are silly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peso View Post
    I don't think an experience potion is cosmetic unless it gives off a scent somehow.
    Who said experience potions are cosmetic? See this is why I think all of you are full of shit. You refuse to actually have a discussion on anything and do nothing but spout hyperbole and flat out lies and distort everything that anyone says that could possibly make your argument weaker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by melodramocracy View Post
    Interesting reactions. I guess the whole "they're only cosmetic" line doesn't hold a lot of water.

    The pro-cash shop crowd might want to remember this next time someone else gets annoyed at some new feature that isn't available in the game any other way.
    Oh it absolutely does hold water but you are comparing apples to oranges. Transmog items are personal cosmetic items whereas updated character models is a game wide cosmetic feature affecting everyone not just your own character. Again I understand the point being made here but it isn't valid and based on a false premise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peso View Post
    "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power." We'll see in 2014 - 2015 where this'll take us.
    It has become clear as day to me that some people are actually treating this game as a religion or a way of life. It is just a video game. No one is going to die because of this cash shop and no one's life is going to be ruined. Some of you really need to take a step back and get some much needed perspective.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wilhelm137 View Post
    Sadly after reading all the threads on mmochampion and the official forums I've come to notice there are more people for a cash shop then there are against it. Hell my server is flooded with those helms now.....all those complaints really showed blizz when everyone got a helm anyway.

    Blizz knows where it's fans loyalties lie and they know just how many people will throw their money at the screen everytime a shiny new item shows up on the store. It would not surprise me in the least if character models go up, blizz knowing full well that more people will buy them for their mains and alts then there will be people complaining or quitting over it.

    It really is sad just what has happened in the last month even just how thin the line blizz wants to walk between p2p and p2p with all the f2p attractions. As I said on the blizz forums and what I most likely got banned for when trying to knock sense into people defending it, you are blind as a bat if you think they will stop at transmog or xp pots, greed dictates once you have had a taste of the pie you will continue to want more and more(and that is exactly what blizz is doing now).
    Ever think to consider that those who "support" cash shops just really don't give a fuck how others spend their money or what they do in game? It is funny I have noticed many of the same people going into hysterics over the cash shop are the exact same people obsessed with what others do in LFR and what gear they use. Many of you really need to stop worrying about what others do or don't do and you might just find yourself enjoying the game a lot more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peso View Post
    Well you're getting into technical territory and so am I. Technically we are on a slippery slope right now.
    How is it a slippery slope when we haven't changed position in years? Every single thing Blizzard has announced for the cash shop were things they were already selling previously in some form or were already in game. Let me know when they announce selling items that were never before available to players in game or out and I might care.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaleredar View Post
    I've said why I wouldn't personally be "outraged," however, I can understand why people would be. Most notably, see my post above.
    It is pointless to even discuss it because Blizzard just simply isn't going to charge for new character models. Not in an expansion and not in a cash shop. Like I said before topics like this are a red herring to prevent actual constructive discussion on the cash shop and I'm getting the feeling it is because the people so opposed to it have realized just how weak their position really is.

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    I expect that the new models will be non-optional. But if they were to maintain the old models, it'd be via a glyph or menu option or something. The cash shop needn't be involved.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chingylol View Post
    For example, I like my hunchback orc so wouldn't pay to have him updated, but I would definitely pay $15-25 dollars to have my human warrior updated with a new model.
    I doubt the new models for orcs will remove the hunchback, too iconic. I think they're going to stay very close to live models, just better looking and higher poly count/skeleton bones/texture res/etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xanzul View Post
    Players quit over everything. Literally everything. It is nice to believe that Blizzard doesn't want to do things that make people quit but it is quite naive. Everything Blizzard does results in subscription loss.
    Everything Blizzard does results in people going on forums CLAIMING to cancel their sub, absolutely. Whether or not people actually do cancel, and their true reasons for it are another story (I actually suspect that Blizzard's individual changes to the game are a minor reason for sub losses). Also what we don't see is people coming BACK to the game, and their reaction to various changes.

    I'll never get over the day I saw a thread complaining about the removal of the keyring, and the OP saying he was cancelling his sub as a result.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tojara View Post
    Look Batman really isn't an accurate source by any means
    Quote Originally Posted by Hooked View Post
    It is a fact, not just something I made up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lokann View Post
    People are horribly underestimating the amount of coding needed to split the client into old models and new models based solely on which account paid for them.
    Really? "horribly underestimating?"
    You mean because temporary model updates are so rare, making new ones that are permanent and sell them on the shop is so "horribly hard"

    I mean that technology won't be available till 2500 minimum...

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    Yeah, no.

    If they put the new models behind a paywall, I'd cancel my subscription on the spot. That's too far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chingylol View Post
    New character models = cash shop

    This isn't actually a bad idea, because only the people who WANT to have the new models for their toons can pick and choose which one. Everyone wins.

    For example, I like my hunchback orc so wouldn't pay to have him updated, but I would definitely pay $15-25 dollars to have my human warrior updated with a new model. There's really no reason why Blizz SHOULDN'T do this. They make tons of money and only the people who want their toon to look different will purchase. Thoughts?
    How about no.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shampro View Post
    Fucking Hyperbolic morons. They see something meaningless on a store that doesnt even require you to buy shit and suddenly everything will be on there. Keep up with the hyperbole MMO champion, keep it up.
    Yeah, it's only one silly looking flying horse.. they won't add more stuff
    It was never Hardcore Vs Casual. It was Socialites Vs. Solo players
    Quote Originally Posted by ringpriest View Post
    World of Warcraft started life as a Computer Roleplaying Game, where part of the fun of the game experience was pretending to be your character. Stuff like applying poisons and eating food enhanced the verisimilitude of the experience of playing a fantasy character in another world. Now that game has changed to become a tactical arcade lobby game.

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