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    Quote Originally Posted by Thiron View Post
    So, er, we'll have an Old God as a pet?
    Yay for Kovok though.
    A way to always remember the awesome Paragons

    Wtb yogg saron pet by the way...

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    Whenever the number of comments are divisible by 20, the link to the most recent comments brings you to a page of no comments. In this case there being 3 pages of comments, linking to the 4th page of nothing. Fix this please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sevaara View Post
    Ice Lance damage and SP scaling increased by 29%.

    All of my what and why...
    Ice Lance was buffed because Mastery got completely overhauled. Frost Mages were running with a lot more than 29% extra frozen damage with the old Mastery so this ends up being a net nerf, and a HUGE nerf to burst.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lobosan View Post
    No way those hunter nerfs go live. The Lock and Load nerf is COMPLETELY uncalled for (Survival is dead middle of the dps pack for general dps specs) and will make Survival completely unplayable. Likewise, the Mend Pet nerf will mean farewell to Hunter soloing and pet sustainability in raids. But given how many of the data mined things have looked off/inaccurate today, I'm not gonna raise the alarm...yet.
    I have played SV since WOTLK and I get my Lock and Load procs from Black Arrow not Explosive Trap. I usually don't use Explosive Trap on single target anyway so I'm shooting Multi with the Explosive Trap. I shoot Explosive Shot with Black Arrow, which should still proc Lock and Load, on single targets. This change doesn't bother me. However, I am bothered by the change to the Mending Glyph and wonder why they decided to change it.

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    If the new Rushing Jade Wind is un-channeled, I could definitely see myself taking it on my monk instead of Xuen. I currently use Xuen as a 'dps boost' even though I'm a tank since my other options aren't all to attractive for anything other than a little damage and a tiny bit of versatility, versus tons of damage that might help beat 'enrages'. It seems they're trying to make it more appealing for us in the 'versatility' department. It also looks like it will be more energy efficient regardless(4 second duration compared to spinning Crane Kick's 2 second).

    Quote Originally Posted by Shuken View Post
    No one half way competent would EVER take the mend pet glyph in pvp. This has nothing to do with PvP. It's a nerf to soloing. One more nerf in a long line of soloing nerfs (growl, distracting shot, pet intervene, etc).

    Unglyphed : 25% over 10s
    PTR-Glyphed : 25% over 5s but with 10 sec CD so 25% over 10s still

    hehe blizzard, good joke. The glyph is now completely useless. Smart devs.
    It's actually a 'buff' in burst situations where the ability to heal in those 5 seconds matters more than the continuous ability to heal for more(it's '100% more' in those first five seconds since it's ticking twice as fast) Now that's 100% more of baseline, so it's actually a lot smaller gap when comparing it to the old Glyph. I think it would be better if the cooldown was a little shorter(8 seconds?) or it 'also' increased healing by 30%(half the old effect), but still can be useful in some situations(using it as a 'heal' instead of a health regen buff on your pet that it feels like now, because of how stretched out it is). Definitely a glyph to keep an eye out for as the PTR goes on.

    Edit: Just wanted to make clear, I still realize it's a nerf overall, but it does look like it's fitting more in bliz's line of making glyphs that 'alter' abilities to allow them to be 'powerful in a situation'. Hopefully they do even it out seems a little harsh with the 10 second CD and reduced effectiveness.
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    I could take or leave the axe model, but I want that armor on my warrior!

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