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    in front of the door to the stormwind auction house
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    Dun Morogh. It's my favorite zone in the game (I like snow). I'd probably build close to that lake northwest of Kharanos.

    Storm Peaks would be a close second. If I built there, I'd pick the highest spot I could find.

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    Some place that's a bit out of the way. I've always been partial to Zangarmarsh although I'll confess I've had my hearth set to Dalaran for most of MoP. It's not all that inconvenient to get to where I need to be from Dalaran and it's a nice place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Immitis View Post
    in front of the door to the stormwind auction house
    Right on the mailbox no doubt <shakes fist>
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    Hmm difficult choice. Teldrasil maybe.. Or Nagrand floating island. I spent a lot of my time in Nagrand, never got tired of it.

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    Vanilla: Mulgore
    BC: Nagrand (on the plains among the lakes and talbuk)
    WotLK: Grizzly Hills
    Cata: Mount Hyjal
    MoP: Jade Forest

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    Pre-shattering badlands. Loved that zone at night.
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    I'm not a huge fan of player housing but if I could choose to put one in Outland you bet your sweet ass I'd make an awesome one. Hm, as to which area exactly I'd have to fly around and choose accordingly. I haven't visited anywhere except hellfire recently.
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    i'd rebuild The Black Temple and become its new dark lord.

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    1] Zangarmarsh
    2] Vashj'ir
    3] Deepholm
    4] Winterspring
    5] Shadowmoon
    6] Netherstorm

    Those are like, my favorite. It all depends on my credit, of course. :<

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    Storm peaks without a doubt.

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    Trisfal glades / Old WPL / STV.

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    That's why we don't have housing, if they ever did implement it you would be in an instanced zone.
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    I'd build a condo in Ironforge.

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    Tanaris, Shadowmoon Valley, or Feralas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noshkeen View Post
    if we're going for favorite zone, then its Grizzly Hills. i enjoy the music and landscape. there is just something about the violin.

    however, if player housing was put in, then i wouldn't build anywhere. it just seems like a waste of developer time. id vote for more content.
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    OT - I'd say Silverpine forest or on a high peak on Feralas.

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    Grizzly Hills or Jade Forest would be lovely. I really, really enjoy the Grizzly Hills music, to this day.

    I'd also consider an island that I own, tanned and rested and alone, surrounded by enormous piles of money in Nagrand.

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    A gaming computer that has wow installed on it.


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    Nagrand/Howling Fjord or Winterspring.

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    Storm Peaks, Duskwood, Tirisfal, Howling Fjord, Deepholme, Vash'jir or Dragonblight.

    Most likely somewhere in Northrend. I just hope it wouldn't quite be like Rift where it's just an empty instanced place - that would probably suck all of the people right out of the cities (one of the reasons we don't yet have player housing I'm guessing)
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    Nagrand for BC zones, Grizzly Hills or Howling Fjord in Northrend, Mt.Hyjal for Cata, Fours Winds in Pandaria, and if it had to be a city Silvermoon. There are too many amazing zones for me to choose from lol.

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