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    Would You Play WoW?

    Would you play WoW if you do not raid or play arena? Would like to hear what and how you enjoy the game?

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    No, if I did not raid then I would have no reason to play.
    PVP in this game just does not interest me in the slightest.

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    Depends on to what extent. If I could not do any instanced content, I would still play.

    I find professions to be one of the largest consumer of my time. I have them all leveled to max. I also enjoy alts so leveling is always fun.

    There is still a shit ton of content that I have yet to expierence, mainly anything horde related. I have a 85 horde dk, but I didnt pay attention to story lines and such because I wanted it just to gank Alliance people I didnt like.
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    lol those are things I don't do.

    I do LFR, which isn't really raiding and I don't do Arena's.

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    Neither do I enjoy organized raiding, nor playing Arena. Still, my subscription(s) never got cancelled since Vanilla.
    There are plenty of other things to do, like collectings achievements/pets/mounts etc.

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    Yes. As long as there are achievements, I will have a reason to play.

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    I no longer do structured raiding (will do LFR) and I've hated arenas since they were added to the game. I enjoy achievement hunting and I've really started liking Pet Battles.

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    yes i would just do random bg's

    continue farming achivements

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    I mostly play to raid, and everything else I do is just to pass time to my next raid.

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    I only enjoy world pvp and battlegrounds. I have quit arena long time ago because you could always predict what team you would fight next so that killed the fun. I hate pve so much so i dont care about raids.

    I am not giving one single penny to Blizzard anymore, but yeah if it went free and balanced i would play again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cempa View Post
    Would you play WoW if you do not raid or play arena? Would like to hear what and how you enjoy the game?
    Not really, since those have always been my main focus on the game (well, in Vanilla it was raiding/BGs, but you get the idea...)

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    I did start in 2005 not even knowing about raiding or much of Warcraft. Played D1 and the death out of D2 and started on the basis that D2 was the first game that kept me going for over 3 years (and addicted to playing online)

    So..I got my initial fun out of questing and playing online with people. The guild I joined raided at the end of 2005.

    Raiding kept me going until the end of LK - by which time I also was an altoholic...and these time, dailies, weeklies, levelling ats, questing, pet battles, the odd scenario and 5 man heroic as well as LFR are all ...substitutes (?) for a much tighter RL schedule.

    Couldn't really answer you if I would get into WoW if I had to decide on a game today...I prolly would have picked up D3...

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    If there wasn't any raids (LFR doesn't count has raid to me) or Instanced PVP i would quit right away. I hate leveling i only play the game for challenge. And no Challenge mode are challenge for me. I find runs against the clock boring it is just and aoe feast.
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    Would get really bored quite fast and quit probably.

    In my opinion, the raiding concept is what makes WoW WOW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sigma View Post
    No, if I did not raid then I would have no reason to play.
    PVP in this game just does not interest me in the slightest.
    Pretty much my same thinking
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    Yes, I would still play.

    The game is not only Raid and Arenas. There's as well Rated Battlegrounds, the people you know - your community. I enjoy it all, really. And yes, I even roleplay.
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    I play WoW for the adventure and story, though raiding is a very important part to this. Therefore, if there was none, I would have to honestly say that I would not find very much enjoyment in it.

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    What do you mean "would you"? I already do. Raiding is a bore and arena doesn't hold a candle to a good battleground fight. I do dungeons/scenarios (need more Heroic dungeons), solo old content, solo elites, look for good farming routes, look for easter eggs, collect transmog sets, pull lots of mobs to see how many I can survive (loving Battlefield Barrens, they need to make more of those), roleplay...
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    Yep i quited raiding at mid firelands and have only done DS a few times then my guild needed a standin. never raided in mop (maybe a few times if LRF counts) and i better like the game now i can relax with it, That makes it more enjoy for me.. i dont do dungeon or scen ether..

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    I quit arenas since WotLK and raiding since late Cata.
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