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    Rogues in Challenge Modes.

    We've had a rogue in our challenge mode group and we are currently 7/9 gold, we have siege pretty much on lockdown (plan on getting it down tonight or tomarrow depending on the availability of one of our members). We only have storm stout left.

    So i have a very particluar question and some insight would be apperciated. We are concerned about Yan'zhu and his healer adds. We understand that you intercept the beams in order to prevent healing, and you never let more then 4 (or 5 with a pet of some kind) spawn. However, could we say smokebomb and use a capacitor totem to buy ourselves a few extra secounds if it really comes down to the wire? Smokebomb would create los if dropped on the boss, If it actually works in this particular situtation.

    However two things make me question what would happen, firstly I've heard in multiple places that the healing adds do not move once they start healing, so assuming a smokebomb works (breaks los) would the adds simply switch targets to other adds as opposed to the boss? or would the los make them move in and make our strat work?

    Our comp is Prot paladin, Mut Rogue, Resto sham (Ele for the fight), Survival Hunter, and a boomkin. So any other ideas that pertain to what our comp brings to the table are welcome as well.

    any rogues have any insight at all, or maybe even experience trying this particular idea?
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    hey there mate , i;m not a fan of challenge mods so cant give u any of my insight but i found something that u might be intrested in


    enjoy and good luck

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    No need to worry about smoke bomb, you will nuke the boss down so fast.

    My comp consisted of mut rogue, (me) blood dk, healing priest, enhance sham and dps warrior. All Melee. We just saved all our dps cool downs for the boss so that we wouldn't get overwhelmed by the healing adds, and we didn't. Maybe had to line of sight 3? Can't remember, the boss melted pretty fast. You can pop cool downs on the first set of adds, think it takes 2mins or so from that point before you get to the boss, so all your cool downs should be back up.

    Good luck! Hardest part for us was learning to take down the first boss and all his adds in a manageable way. In fact I was combat for 8 cm's until stout, went mut for the extra aoe. Don't think it mattered much in the end.

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    The final boss is very straight forward: make sure you leave combat after the final wave so the healer can spec DPS (you don't have to pull him straight away), then pop Bloodlust and go ape shit on the boss with pre-pot and everything. By splitting up players in corners you'll be able to intercept the healing beam of the first 5-6 adds - if you get any more you likely won't kill the boss at all.

    If you execute on DPS you won't have to use those kinds of tricks... and if you don't, I doubt you'll kill him, even with Smoke Bomb.
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    Was just a curiosity kind of thing, we recently got siegie down and did a few attempts on stormstout, we accidently pulled the mobs in the circular room that you are soupposed to normally skip. Thing is we pulled the last boss (even with those additonal adds) at a minute thirty. Our healer screwed up switching specs and didn't lust and we still got the boss to 50% with 2 healing adds up (they were being blocked).

    After such an attempt i could easily see this being 100% doable without any tricks (not to mention our groups dps is top noch). Our boomkin is away atm (we are still doing stormstout now) so its really a mater of execution at this point. Thanks for all the feedback, its much apperciated!
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