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    celestial blessings (disc)

    am i the only person who is having trouble completing this quest & getting the cloak?
    i try & try & yet i cant do it. ive looked at vids on youtube, looked at various posts on the internet, but still no joy.
    this quest is worse than the benediction one in vanilla, which was only on the tricky side.

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    My strategy was:
    Have Wrath on focus.
    Dispel yourself whenever you get 2-3 stacks of debuff.
    When wrath drops in health, give him 1 or 2 flash heals and cast Penance on boss and he should be topped off again.
    For blobs, give yourself a heal for damage buff and then Halo at an adequate range to get rid of them.
    For the elemental phase just have yourself shielded and use Penance (glyphed) and Renew to keep yourself up.
    ~~~ Rinse and repeat~~~

    Not sure where exactly you're struggling but try to alternate between throwing yourself and wrath a heal and then dps boss so you get the damage buff and hence increased atonement healing.

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    Yup. The key is alternating a heal between Penance, Smite, or HF/Solace. I found Divine Star was pretty good for the adds, though.

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    I didnt even bother smiting on this fight, i only used shield, renew, pom, pennance and flashheal on the dude.
    I also specced into Divine Insight because i liked the free shields
    Divine Star is also nice for dps on the blobs an healing on both you and the prince.

    Glyphs i used were pom and penance +x
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    cheers guys, ive just done it!!

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