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    All Heroic 25m raiding (DPS) Deathknights that have killed Heroic Lei Shen on 25m

    All you Deathknights, I need some tips for this fight, are there any neat tricks you do (talking about survival during transitions, just maximizing your DPS throughout the phases)

    What abilities / glyphs talents are you using?

    What is your ideal rotation for the few seconds when ball lightning comes out and is gripped and stacked on the boss to get them down asap?

    Just any tips in general are very greatly appreciated!!

    THANKS !!

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    1. Death's Advance, Anti-Magic Zone and Gorefiends. Can't really think of any useful glyphs.

    2. I know for me at least it's a waste to even attempt to aoe the Ball Lightnings because our Lock and Mage just melt them so it's not worth wasting runes. But in the last phase try to save the aoe grip for the 2nd or 3rd spawn of balls because that's when damage starts to get rough.

    3. Tips: Save AMS for Thunderstrucks to get full runic power. Use AMZ when stacking for Static Shock during transitions. Sit in Blood Presence in the transitions to lower damage taken. It is possible to keep your highest damage diseases on Lei Shen the entire fight. Just make sure that your diseases have 50+ seconds before going into the transitions. Save army for P3 since thats the only part of the fight where damage matters.
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    1) none I can think of right now
    2) Mass Grip (this should be a no-brainer) and Purgatory, I actually don't change any glyphs/talents for this encounter (see sig)
    3) being a Frost DW DK... HBHBHBHBHB

    You could also just take a look at the (re)kill video in my signature. Feel free to ask if anything is unclear.

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    save army for p3, will really help with the damage check for that phase. (use it just before the phase starts)

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    Regarding glyphs, grabbing the Dark Sim glyph is worthwhile. If by any chance you have Unharnessed Power spawn, you can Dark Sim them and get a damage + attack speed bonus. The cast is sort of random I've found so whether or not you get the buff is RNG, I've found waiting 10s or so after they spawned is a good time to Dark Sim them.

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