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    Get list of materials used / export a schematic?

    Lets say i have a large redstone contraption that i made on singleplayer creative, and i wanted to rebuild it on survival mp. Is there any tool that would help me get the following:

    1. A full list of blocks used in a specific area
    2. A level-by-level schematic of block placement positions

    Or something similar.

    Cnsider SMP server to be NOT local, and not owned or administrated by me (so cant affect itmin any way)

    Any ideas?

    We dream, we dream.

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    I don't know about the material list part, since I never really needed it, but I always used Schematica to move my SSP creations into SMP.

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    Use MCEDIT's count block features to get an exact counting of the area inside your selection.

    MCEDIT can also select verticle or horizontal slices as it were and save them as schematics.

    At that point it's just a matter of going one by one and duplicating effort in SMP

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