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    Resto shaman break points and stat help

    i have bin playing my resto shaman since cata but now we are coming up on the end of MoP my guild is starting ToT heroics next week i want to be optimized and set to do as much healz i can but still have the mana the back up the healz i am getting my legendary meta on tues i hit my 30% break point for haste really other then that idk what to do from were i am at right now please give me your thoughts also would love if any 1 has any really good sugestions for addons and new gems.
    armory link us.battle.net/wow/en/character/sargeras/H%C3%A5kzul/advanced

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    7600 haste, 10k spirit rest into crit. No mastery.

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    7613 haste for extra HR tick and extra cast during metagem proc. If you get your hands on the Horridon trinket, you can drop your spirit even lower - in favor of crit.
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    well then i have to much haste and spirit bc im at like 10k haste and 11k spirit dont u hit another break point at 30% haste?

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    7613 is enough for 30% haste (with ancestral swiftness and +5% haste raid buff)

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    well with my raid comp we dont have the haste buff i know it would be nice but we dont

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    I'm running as low as 6K spirit with 7613 haste for normals right now due to main speccing ele for most of the raid, and switching to resto when we seem to not be able to put it together healing wise. With LMG and Horridons trinket my mana is pretty much on demand when I need it, I'm out healing out top healer when I really push it and I'm not even close to optimized. Mastery sits at 52% and I dump a ton into crit and just make sure I set myself up to have mana when I want to push heals, and then when I get low I can go back to HW spam with riptide to gain back mana while still pushing decent numbers. I know I'm used more for my CD's than anything when I heal, but so far this setup is way smoother than what I was seeing at 14K spirit.

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