This is a fan fiction about a post-MOP event, originally I wanted to write a suggestion about a possible Lordaeron invasion by the Alliance. But I decided to turn this into a fan fiction. If you have any suggestions or opinions about the story I’ll more than happy to hear them. I’m also looking for new characters so if you have a fan-made character that you would like to suggest please send me a PM and I’ll see if they are useful in the story . The episodes will be short, but I’ll try to be as active as possible.

Description :

Months after the great siege of Orgrimmar and the Death of Garrosh Hellscream, a Foreigner-turned-Worgen, an Argent Crusade squire with a disgraced past, and a Draenei priestess seeking to understand Azeroth become key players in a war they have not started.

Chapter 1 : The Foreigner.

The thundering sound of relentless waves echoed through the dark coast in an endless loop, booming as each of them broke themselves upon the hard surface of the Gilneas’ rocky coast. A white Worgen stood vigilant on top of a large rock overlooking the sea. Scouring the seascape and anxiously awaiting his comrades’ arrival. Behind him stood a short, slim figured old man dressed in nobleman clothes. His grey, clean-cut hair and shaved face was completely in contrast to the discolored and ragged clothes of the Worgen sentry and his angry, scarred, and furred face.

The Worgen took out his rusty monocular and tried to see through the nightly fog to no avail. Growling and cursing the unknown as his patience wore thin with each minute passing by. But the nobleman seemed calmer and gentler in comparison to his furry companion, looking at the landscape around them and gently walking around the coast as the mild breeze touched his wrinkled face. The man sighed and glanced at his friend briefly.

“You’re being too hard on yourself Arash; you know that old bloke is never on time. He’s always been like that.” the nobleman said. His words prompted no response from Arash; the Worgen stood still and kept on looking at the foggy sea.

“He’s always late…” Arash thought with himself “But it was never a full week late! But what would he know? He only knows old Jeffy for two years, and his closest moment with him was buying his quality tobacco and old tomes! I’ve been his shipmate since I first set foot on a ship!” he put his monocular back in his pocket. “…We served in the army together! And then we entered …–this- business together! “He slightly ground his teeth together when he remembered those days, still the memory pained him after all these years. “…I have every right reason to be worried when he’s –a week- late.”

The sound of horse hooves broke his concentration; from the noise he counted no more than five horses approaching the coast from afar. He turned away from the Sea and approached the Nobleman who, just like him, was surprised by the unannounced arrivals. He took a few wild guesses before the first horseman appeared from the shadows, his face familiar but unfortunate.

“What is he doing here?” Arash asked the old nobleman. The man shook his head, clueless.

“Don’t have the slightest idea…” the nobleman glanced back at the Worgen and then at the horsemen after a brief exchange of eye contact. “But you shouldn’t worry yourself. He may not like you but you’re pardoned by the King himself, and he won’t dare defy the King’s order.” The Nobleman told the Worgen.

“Well Genn Greymane is not in Gilneas anymore…” Arash huffed, anxious and uneasy. The horsemen approached them without haste, all of them in Gilnean guard uniforms and each carrying their rapiers on their sides and rifles on their backs. The horses were all black except for the one the leading horseman was riding.

Captain Brian Carver, riding his favorite white stallion approached them with a slight smirk on his face. He had more medals pinned on his breast than the last time Arash saw him, the comfort on Brian’s face angered the Worgen even more. “I liked him better when he was desperate and angry, it’s like the sight of his smile just sucks the joy out of everything.” Arash whispered the nobleman, the nobleman in return gestured Arash with his hand to standby. He then walked forward as Captain Brian rode within their earshot.

“Lord Jacob Austin, I expected more escorts with you at this time of night.” Brian said with a slight smile.

“Captain Carver... I have to say I didn’t expect you here.”Answered the slim figured Lord Austin, Captain Carver stopped his horse gently and unsaddled, his guards did the same.

“We’ve had reports of Forsaken activity at the sea; the blasted things are trying even harder to get closer to the coast lately.” Brian replied. “No doubt they’ve heard about this shipment. Whatever it is, they’re doing their best to find it.” Captain looked at Arash, his smile faded by the time they stared at each other eye to eye. Brian forced his eyes away from the Worgen and looked at Austin. “I’d told them, repeatedly, that they should put men with ensured loyalties to the task.” Carver sighed and put his hand on the hilt of his rapier and took a few steps towards the rocky coast, he gazed into the foggy horizon before them. “But they decided to hire a ragtag crew of smugglers, not even local smugglers but foreigners with no reason to be loyal to us.” Brian said in a calm, passive manner, cleverly managing to keep his tone clear from any hints of resentment.

“And which one of these local smugglers has managed to evade Gilnean patrols as long as us?” The Worgen questioned Carver. Carver paused, slightly turning his head left in reaction to the Worgen.

“Exactly, your smuggling band has been a threat to us longer than any other. You might ‘ve been pardoned, but can you say the same about your old friends?” Carver hit back. The Worgen growled and resisted his overwhelming desire to charge and slice the Captain wide open. “Your smuggling operation has been hurting us ever since the Greymane Wall was built, there’s not even a shed of blood in you with loyalty to our crown. “ He turned back and looked at the angry Worgen. “What’s keeping you from selling us out one last time?” Brian narrowed his eyes when he asked the smuggler, satisfied that he had sparked his beastly rage.

“If your objections were reasonable surely they would’ve listened to you Captain. Is there a reason that you’ve come here?” Lord Austin asked, loudly, to interrupt the Captain from taking it any further.

“Of course there is, Lord Austin. I’m here per Lord Godfrey’s orders.” Arash raised an eye brow and looked at Lord Austin, puzzled. Austin looked slightly surprised himself, but once he noticed the expression on Arash’s face he understood the Worgen’s sudden confusion.

“That’s Vincent Godfrey’s son, Harold Godfrey.” He explained. The Worgen shrugged.

“I didn’t know Godfrey even had a son.”

“Lord Godfrey was a very private person… And he was very protective of his family. Ever since the Worgen outbreak was first reported he never let his family out of their estate. No one except he a very handful bunch was even permitted to enter it.” Lord Austin continued. Carver looked at Austin and nodded.

“Some even said that maybe his family had perished and he did not want people to find out. But Prince Liam dismissed it the first time he went there to see Harold, they were close friends since childhood.” Lord Austin looked a tad absent as he recalled those days, as if he was reliving it vividly.

“So what does Lord Godfrey want with these goods? Does he know what it is?” Arash unwillingly asked the Captain without even looking at him.

“Yes… Yes he did, and apparently it’s not trade goods that they are smuggling…” He answered Arash after a brief pause, and looked at the two with curiosity. “…It’s a person.”