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    A question for Blood DK's familiar with the bosses in 5.4,

    Well yeah,

    I'm pretty much 100% dedicated to my Blood DK and have been having fun with him in TOT too,

    I'm just concerned if we're going to be running into any brick walls à la Garajal or Ra-den. I'm not talking about a boss being unkillable with a certain tank.

    Moreso it's about doing anything to maximize my guild's chances of killing a certain boss, even switching to an alt just because it makes more sense.

    FYI, my alt tank is a Monk,

    So yeah, any opinions from people on the PTR? (I know everything is subject to change)
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    While i am basically tank and dd i can't say something on every encounter in particular as i tanked some and played dd on some.

    Many of the encounters are pretty generic to tank, where its simply a matter of vengeance scaling, with the current vengeance system basically all bosses grant tones of vengeance, which puts us down, as we don't scale with vengeance defense wise.
    As vengeance has been nerfed it should get a bit better for us in comparison to ther tanks.

    But theres one huge "go home" sign for us at Malkorok. He has a perma tortos hc mechanic, which means heal is converted to absorb and as absorbed dmg doesn't count into our 5 sec ds window, we're pretty much fucked, as our active mitigation only works at minimum level. (and he hits damn hard on heroic)

    Garrosh is also such a fight, from our 10 man test he could basically be solo tanked, but with the adds in p1 our tank was at vengeance cap, which is pretty burtal for us, as we don't have good measures to get against so much dmg, other tanks there are probably better, especially since we're speaking of 7 mobs, which makes it very high constant dmg.

    I haven't tanked nazgrim so far, but he has basically some ra-den similar execute, which hits for 100% (120% on heroic or so) of your max hp, i dunno if it is only reducable by active mitigation but if yes he will also be quite annoying to tank, with normal def cds it should be okayish.

    Siegecrafter spawns an add, which must and can only be killed by the tank, although boss effects help dmging it, your own dmg is a factor, so full def gear there seems a bit meh, even with riposte, probably.
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