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    Rune of Re-Origination and Rake Feral

    Hey everyone! When testing some numbers on my Feral Druid, I noticed something. When Rune of Re-Origintion procs, not only does it increase out DOT bleed damage, but also the base damage of Rake. And it seems, when it DOES proc, the base damage of Rake tends to do more damage than Mangle or even Shred. Also, it has no positional requirements and has a energy cost that is less than Shred. It seems to be a dps increase to use Rake as your combo builder while Rune of Re-Origination is up, then switch to Shred/Mangle after. Any thoughts on this?

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    Seems to me similar to how Subtlety Rogues use Hemorrhage as their default combo point builder when they can't Backstab something. Realize, though, that Shred does 20% more damage against bleeding targets, and make sure that is being reflected in the numbers you're using to compare.

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    When Rune procs you want to switch to rake as a CP generator until you can't put up one that is at least as good as the one already on the target.
    For example, if you're playing DoC: Rune proc -> Rake -> PS is expiring so you HT -> Rake -> Rake -> Switch back to shred/mangle. This is because getting the strongest possible 15 seconds worth of Rake ticks outweighs the small amount of additional damage you get from the direct damage. The goal during the proc is to get a Rip up with a massive mastery bonus use Rake aslong as you won't nerf the bleed also Thrash can be a good use as long as it won't fuck up your chances to get a Rip.
    In the feral guide ( from aggixx )

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    You do rake for CP when rune procs, but you have to make sure the last rake is the strongest, also rake is not affected by set 4 so if you need fast CP for Rip, mangle/shred with high crit is probably a better idea, well as long as you at least rake once during RoR of course.
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    Very nice. Thank you everyone! All your information has been very helpful!

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    Same applies when aoeing spam trash on rune procs and not swipe.

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    Oh yeah I never thought of that. Awesome. Thanks a whole lot!

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