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    Challenge Modes

    My Main is a Hunter. Doing Challenge Modes now on my Alt Warlock. I see some Demo and Destro for CMs ... Just curious which is better or they're both around the same. Not trying to for Realm best on this toon just want my gears

    if there is another thread about this Srry for posting another thread. if anyone could direct me to that thread/ any info to help would be great!

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    All warlock specs are perfectly acceptable for challenge modes.
    It depends on what you are best at, and what gear you currently have.
    Demo/Destro is best with full intellect gem at this ilvl (463), and seeing as Destro is the strongest with bad gear, that is what most people suggest these days.
    I like demo because I find it the most fun. And I wasn't weighing my group down at all. I was about the same dps as a frost DK/survival hunter.

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