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    Can't drop threat on Kanrethad

    Ok - I apologise in advance if I'm missing something here but I would really appreciate it if someone could help me with this!

    I've watched the videos, read the guides etc. and the consensus seems to be that you should keep the boss and the doom guard on the pit lord by using the gateways to drop threat. However, no matter how many times I use the gateways, my threat is not dropping. When the Doom Guard comes out of the portal, I instantly use the pit lords attacks on it and use the gateway but to no avail - I had to use soulshatter in the end!

    Can someone please tell me if I'm doing something stupid here - I'm getting to grips with the other mechanics but I can't seem to succeed whilst my threat remains high.

    Thanks in advance!

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    You have to have your Pit lord actually hit the doom guard before you use gate.
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    When the DG comes out, use the Pit Lord's aoe attack on him immediately, and then go through your gate.

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    For the first DG that comes, just make a target macro with Banish and it should be fine

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    Try standing so the DG is between you and your pitlord and have the pitlord Fel flame Breath on you. Immediately use your gateway and you should be good to go. This also has the added benefit of clearing any harmful debuffs kan may have put on you up until this point.

    Brething yourself while kanrethad is between you and the pitlord is also a very good way at assuring kanrethad stays aggroed to the pitlord.

    Macro for fel flame breath

    /cast [@player] Fel Flame Breath

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    The portals and soul shatter work differently. Portals are like the priest spell "fade" and prevent most mobs from wanting to target you regardless of your threat value toward them. As long as you have the portal debuff, you are under the effect of the "fade." However, there must be other characters or pets with threat against the enemy or they will still target you. As long as you have the portal debuff and a pet or guardian/minion has done anything aggressive toward an enemy, they should lose interest in you.

    Soul shatter actually reduces your accumulated threat values against everything in range.

    When I did this fight, I found that portals were most useful for the imp waves and that soul shatter helped keep the boss and doomguards from targeting me.

    In conclusion: if you're using portals to stay away from aggro, you must keep a 100% up-time on the debuff. Even so, if there is any lag-time between re-using the portal, the boss or adds may momentarily regain interest in you. Soul shatter actually keeps your threat lower than the pit lord if used liberally, and I tended to use it almost every time it was ready, holding it for a bit when I had to re-enslave or a doomguard was appearing.

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    As above poster said soulshatter actively reduces threat so it's really handy to use it as the doomguard spawns, fel flame breath on yourself (with the DG between you and the pitlord) and then gateway on cd.

    It is important to remember to keep your soulshatter off CD for just before doggys spawn. You should pop this BEFORE they come from the portal and this should ensure that Kanrethad remains agrroed to the pitlord during the dog phase so you dont get any stray chaos bolts.
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