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    The Great Brevane Scavenger Hunt, Part 1

    For those who don't know Summerfest starts Wednesday July 24th (or the 25th according to the official forums)

    I spent some time on the PTS and decided to write guide to the new portion of the scavenger hunts. Each continent and each phase has its own scavenger hunt. As the title states this is for phase one on Brevane. All the quest givers will be marked on the map but not the objectives. I actually encourage people not to use this guide and and try to figure out where stuff is, but I'm sure it will still be all over chat anyways. If you are having trouble though I hope the guide helps.

    Cape Jule

    Quest Giver

    Quest - I'm falling for Jule

    You need to jump though the circles on the waterfalls

    City Core

    Quest Giver

    Quest - Smarter than the Average Bogling

    Quest Location

    Quest Objective

    Eastern Holdings

    Quest Giver

    Quest - A Simple Bean

    Quest Location - I found it where plaguefang spawns but it may move around Auroborus Woods

    Quest Objective - Sparking patch of grass

    Ardent Domain

    Quest Giver

    Quest - Fire in the Sky

    Quest Locations and objects

    Location 1

    Location 2

    Location 3

    Location 4

    Location 5

    Location 6


    Quest Giver

    Quest - A Game of Chicken

    Quest Objective - The cockatrices will spawn in nests around Kingsward.


    Quest Giver

    Quest - Chasing the Rainbow

    Quest Location - This may spawn at other bodies of water.

    Quest Objective

    The Dendrome

    Quest Giver

    Quest - Grill Master

    This one is easy. You can either craft food if you leveled your survival skills or buy it off the AH.
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    Awesome. I hope the pictures last so I can use this when summerfest arrives :P

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    This has been VERY handy, I got lost so many times on many of these quests >.<
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    Another "me too" of thanks for this guide. It was very helpful and the screen shots were great. It really helps over just having descriptions and Coordinates.

    Great Job!

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