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    I've seen people call for brez a few times, but always ignored it, because I didn't know what they meant, but now it makes a bit of sense. BR I have never seen..
    However, there is no doubt, that CR, Cres or Combat Res is what people ask for all the time.

    Playing a druid since early TBC teach you to keep an eye out for it.
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    i've always called it B-rez, never in my 8 years of wow have i heard CR or C-Rez

    Quote Originally Posted by TheSerialSniper View Post
    BR originated from EQ1 since CR was used as corpse run
    i believe that this is the origins of Brez.
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    I'd imagine CR being used less nowadays, since the same abbreviation could be used for "Cross-Realm".
    If World of Warcraft has taught me anything, it's that teaching a crowd something is far harder than teaching individuals.

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    Even in France, it's brez that we always see

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    Does it matter which one is used? They both mean the same thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chonar View Post
    I'd imagine CR being used less nowadays, since the same abbreviation could be used for "Cross-Realm".
    I doubt in the middle of a fight people would assume the dead player is yelling "CROSS REALM! CROSS REALM!". Its all about context.

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    I have mostly heard "brez" and sometimes BR since vanilla, never heard of CR though, that's interesting!
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    I use them both interchangably.

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    No matter what you call it. its only acceptable to Res people in front of gastropods

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    struggling to think of which gets used more often, but generally I only am the person doing the ressing, so I respond to both BR and CR... (providing they deserve a res =p)

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    I got a whisper's for rezzing someone in combat, it's always brez

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    about 99% of the time its called CR when im in pugs/LFD/LFR

    while raiding with the guild we just say res, since everyone gets what that means during combat.

    EU region

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    German server here. I see BR or Bres being used primarily, or just a plain and simple "res him". Though the concept of a combat res is familiar and if someone asked for a combat res, I'd know what to do, but if I saw CR, I'd probably not make the connection at first, except if it's "CR the tank". Well, he's dead, so what else am I supposed to do than to shout at someone to bres him already. ^^

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    it's always been brez for me. Never seen BR...let alone CR. If I had to choose between the two...I'd choose BR simply because CR means "cooldown reduction" in a lot of games.

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    CR here too. Guess it really is an us/eu thing.

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    Europeans just use different terms quite often.
    BR / BRez is the default for US Realms.

    I know my sister plays the game on German EU servers. There they apparently calling their Alts to be their twinks.
    Which is an outright wrong use of the term twink.
    Ran into that situation one day when we discussed our experiences in the game and such. At some point I was like WTF are you talking about. lol
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    never seen anything other than brez

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    There's no Z in the word, therefore neither brez nor crez is acceptable.

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    Its been called BR for as long as i could remember and i have played since almost the start and never seen it called CR.
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    Whatever you wish to call it, just use it on me, so I can use it on the DK who can use his on the other dead healer! GO GO GO... oh, you used it on the priest first... FFS!

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    EU here and it's only in the last year or so I've seen people call it CR, been using "battle res" since molten core

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