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    BR stands for brazil

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lei Shi View Post
    There's no Z in the word, therefore neither brez nor crez is acceptable.
    resurrection = /rɛzə'rɛkʃən/

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    Quote Originally Posted by UnC View Post
    BR stands for brazil
    BR is what i say when i step outside and it's cold.
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    Combat Res here.

    have seen a few peeps who use BR tho.

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    '-' Usually if I'm in combat, I just call it res... I mean there's not much distinction that can be made if the group is IN combat.

    I usually just go:

    "<Druid/Warlock/DK Name> Please res <X-Idiot>"

    In LFR or groups I usually just stay silent or if I'm on my druid, use it at my own discretion. If there's some screechy mouthed turd nugget dead on the floor spamming brez or crez over and over I check to see how competent their dps or healing was to the team first and then make the call to ignore or grant his/her request.

    Moral of the story? I don't use either and generally never have.
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    I always heard it called Combat Ress - because it is a Ress that can be used in Combat.

    Battle Ress, while similarly sounding, just does not describe it as precisely

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    Always called it Battle Rez as I believe back when Druids were the only one with the ability the tooltip had the words "battle resurrection" in them

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    Always been called battle rez, brez, br, etc. on my realms. Maybe I've seen combat rez and not realized/cared but if I saw CR I'd have no idea what they meant at first, but maybe I would now.

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    Always been Brez for me. Never seen anything different.

    When I see BR I think of Brazil.
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