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    5.4 valor gear vendor.

    Hello guys , i was reading the last days the PTR changes and i havent noticed anything about a new valor gear vendor like we had in 5.0 and 5.2 that will sell
    gear equal to the normal modes...i liked them and i think its a must since if you are unlucky in drops you have at least something for sure.
    So, do you guys think they will put him in, in the future ? Or we wont be having one in this patch ...? Have you heard anything?

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    GC said something a while ago about considering having gear upgrades in from the start and not having valour gear. The lack of a vendor makes it seem like they're going through with that for now.

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    They may not add valor items in 5.4, was a blue post some time ago that said they were considering not adding valor items this time around but instead keep the upgrade vendor from the start. With new items being available for the new Flex plus the usual sources and being able to upgrade those off the bat would give you enough to spend your valor on.

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    There will be no valor vendor (currently) in 5.4.

    There are going to be "alternative" ways of gear progression.

    There are some 546 random stat items in the PTR that we still do not know the source of.

    I think they will make 1 546 item available a week via some method.

    I quite like this as we will de less normal loot than we currently do.

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