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    Brawlers Guild Help!

    Anyone know a good site for tips on how to beat these fights as a Warrior? I have gotten to the Rank 2 second fight and just can't seem to get past it. I would think my gear is good enough for it, but it seems like I am getting some sort of DoT spell put on me as I keep getting zapped through the whole fight no matter what i do.

    Any help is appreciated!

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    youtube probably has a lot of vids. Just search "nameofbosshere warrior"

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    Is that the bird looking guy? He does a tornado thing that will chase you. You have to dodge it and make it hit him (it won't go away till it hits someone) by aligning yourself in a way that it will hit him first, not you. If it hits you, you get knocked into the air and he will spam a lightning bolt spell that will kill you fast you unless you charge stun him asap from the air (or even midway up).

    Also, make sure you have second wind, and don't interrupt the lightning bolts he does. Only interrupt storm cloud, since that's the thing that puts a cloud above his head that does periodic damage to you, though if you have second wind, that shouldn't kill you.

    Really, the only thing that can kill you is getting knocked up into the air by the tornado so just do that right and you should beat him.
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    From rank 1 to 7 you can burst them down I'm at the flash light boss just did him once and that's all never went any further

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yogiman View Post
    Anyone know a good site for tips on how to beat these fights as a Warrior?
    You can look at Icy Veins guide - not warrior only, but plenty of usefull tips and few vids - click.

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    There is a brawlers guild thread in the achievements section. You can always try over there LINK: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...s-Guild-thread

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