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    Cool Crushing Icewalls H Durumu Rotation/Positioning

    Started working on heroic durumu last night so I just have a couple questions to ease helping out guild get down icewalls. Obviously i know the range will crush our icewall dps but I am looking for tips to maximize it.

    1) Positioning- I find I have to be right up in Durumus face when the walls come out at the tip of the triangle where left wall meets right to be be able to cleave properly. I also keep him targeted vrs the wall. Is this correct?

    2) Rotation on walls- (I still have Duru targeted) Rage dependent I have been heroic leaping in to his face, dragon roaring + blood bathing, bloodthirst whirldwind, whirlwind, 3rd whirlwind(rage permitting), raging blow, bloodthirst. Does this look correct? Or am I failing not using Col Smash before I go into this rotation. Also maybe i should be taking avatar+ bladestorm?

    3) Glyphs- Raging Wind, Whirlwind, Unending. This is a combination I have not have had to take before. Does it look alright or should I swap some stuff out.

    4) Am I putting to much though in this and just let the range do there thing on the walls while I focus on more of a single target rot on boss with the occasional cleave?

    - Also If anyone has seen a good youtube vid with a warrior doing all this stuff right let me know.
    - Any feedback to one or more of these questions would be great.

    Thanks guys

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    Started working on this last night as well. I am TG. Targetting the boss does cleave on to the wall. We only had 30mins to test this boss and found it pretty easy has him down to 40ish percent. Anyways those are the glyphs I'm using same talents I was going to use BS and avatar but never got to test it out.

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    you should dps the wall that the beam is on top of not the boss. if the beam is going to rotate counterclockwise switch to the other wall. Every class should do what they do best here. single target if you're melee. cleave/dot if you're ranged.

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    1. Correct. Start left side wall first then switch right if that ends up being the safe side.

    2. Normal AoE rotation. BB > DR > BT > 3x WW > RB. I would still be using CS on Durumuu as everyone should be trying to kill him ASAP.

    3. I would use Leap over Unending for extra mobility to drop purple zones out to the edge, get onto beam adds faster and aoe walls.

    4. Everyone should be helping DPS the walls, it all adds up. Ele Shamans are beast for it though!

    Tip - the raid should hug the left/right wall if it looks close, you will find many times that you will just get it down before the beam hits the raid.

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    sweet ty for the advice working this dude now =)

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    Group should have enough dps to not rely too much on yours to clear walls. In any case, you are on right track. Keep target on durumu for rage gain. BT on cooldown. WW to build stacks and dump stacks after 3. Glyph ww, unending and heroic leap. Damage on boss can simplify fight alot by shortening the fight length.

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    You could also use bladestorm and go as near to durumu as you can, hitting all three walls. I was able to do around around 13m dmg on the walls ( 10 man ) and we killed him in the second desintegration phase. Especially the walls just before ( while ) the second light phase have to drop very quickly. But as the other suggested, only try this if you really lack wall damage. Sorry for my english! Hope i could help.

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    The walls are a pain in the bum as melee, seeing as how you cannot properly dps them w/o standing in crap if the beam goes to the left. The way the targeting works is buggy as hell too, you will not be able to melee anything past the 4th part of the wall, and even then you need to be standing in Durumu's face to be in melee range of the wall. Target the first or second piece to nuke down the first wall. If beam goes left, leave it up to ranged and you DPS the boss; if beam goes right, you can stay in melee and target the walls without being megagimped by eye sore.

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    Honestly I just focus boss w/ meatcleaver rotation and ignored walls. On my DK I just spread diseases, dropped a DnD and did the same. If your range don't suck, it won't be an issue.

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