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    Density confusion

    Hai folks.

    So i recently started playing again. a tiny trip to the darkside and bought some gold. Made a 400 mill ish Witch doctor firebat bomber. Most fun ive had in frikking ages. However.

    Watching youtube farming routes and such. It looks like they have a craptonne more mobs than what i have in my game.

    I play on Inferno mp 10. But i get about half the mobs i see others get on their vids.

    This one dude just ran around fields of missery? and got like 800 mobs massacre. I do the exact same thing. Chain pulling and boom. If im lucky. 200 massacre before i run out of mobs.

    Same thing for more or less all zones in the game. What im watching on youtube is WAY more than what i get ingame. Is my density broken ?

    Did i get the only game that failed math in school ?

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    unless you saw it live on stream, that it was a "fresh" run they used a simple trick to increase the density. They prepared for the killing spree and pulled the mobs from the ENTIRE zone or sometimes even more if its possible, togeather.

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    You most likely tou lost most of your mobs while running.You need something to keep them aggroed ( demon hunters use ball lightning ). Too many adds cases an instability in the game and your screen freezes when you get close to all of them.

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