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    Picking a crafting profession for 5.4?

    Little background.... I am playing horde on a server that is about 90% alliance. I just got my DK through the DK quest line. With my other horde characters I have done all gathering, which usually is the way to go for money, IMO. The thing is, even most of what I gather never sells on the AH even at the cheapest listed prices ( my 90 hunter is mining and herbs, and to get the ore to sell, I have to undercut by 20% or it just doesn't sell..... and the herbs almost never sell regardless of price ).

    So, even though it goes against my nature, I was thinking of maybe trying to make my DK a crafter with 5.4 in mind. But I have no idea what might be the profession to choose. I looked at JC, but there is so much competition that again, it would probably take major undercutting to sell anything.

    To put this in perspective, I transferred via Booty Bay AH, 6 embersilk bags from my alliance characters and put them up on the Horde AH.... I had the only embersilk bags there. I priced 2 at 375g, 2 at 425g, and 2 at 499g....... not a single bag sold. I know that on alliance, bags sell like crazy at 400g or less.

    So, looking at 5.4 crafting, what would you choose? Or just stick with gathering?

    I'm not used to being poor, LOL.

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    This will be some potted sugestions, but gratz to you for providing a decent explanation which gives us the info to provide better answers.

    If I was in your situation I would do the following.

    1. Study the ah on both sides. undermine journal is very good for this. Look who the big sellers are and see what they are selling.
    On a low pop server then it is really important to know the competition and the pattern of demand.

    2. Read the patch notes for the impact of 5.4 and what people might buy more of. Go and buy those or farm them if they arent cheap.
    3. Read these forums, especially about shuffle and what people do to make gold. There are other threads on the same topic.

    Dont forget the universal truths about supply and demand, all servers being different and the need to put effort into making gold.
    Buy low sell high and keep reivesting your money.
    I would be aiming for some stake money of 5-10k.

    Use your farms each day for each character, that should give a steady stream of lotus. Save them.

    Make sure you have decent addons like postal and tradeskillmaster or auctionator.
    You only need1 dual gatherer imo. I like one so as not to be completely reliant on the ah.

    If I had 3 profession slots then I would go
    JC, Enchant and Alchemy.

    JC is the one that takes more time as you need the cuts.

    When 5.4 hits then people will get new gear and they will have to regem and enchant. By this time you should have a stockpile of cheap mats ready to sell. Everyone else is doing the same. In the first four weeks you should be able to make enough money to last a substantial amount of the rest of the expansion. Unfortunately you have to compete on the ah and relist. You have already used the neutral ah so keep an eye on opportunities for that.

    If your requirements are less money but just a steady flow, then flasks,food, pots, enchants, a full range of ores and enchant mats plus farms and all cooldowns will give you an income. has to be trial and error as to what sells and when. Think about stockpiling them now for when the price increases but never miss an opportunity to make a decent profit.

    Bit hard to see how you cant make 10-25k a week. No idea how much you want and how much effort you can put in. More serious ah players will be looking to making 10 times that when the patch hits.

    Other professions are signifcantly affected by having recipes and craftables as an income.

    See what the others say , but dont forget all servers are different and you have to absorb some knowledge then take baby steps to see if it works for your ah.
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    There are a few new things coming out that people are going to want REALLY BAD.

    Im Just gonna leave this here.....

    “What was God doing before the divine creation? Was he preparing
    hell for people who asked such questions?” - Stephen Hawking

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    Thanks.... after considering this for 2 days, I decided to stay a gatherer because at least I won't lose money.

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    If you get smart then you cna make substantial amounts using the neutral ah. Loads of threads about it.

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    Gathering is always a good option. I've always paired them with JC and enchanting for ore shuffles etc.

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