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    This remind me a bit of the uncanny valley hypothesis. I find it slightly to realistic for my tastes. the armor part seams ok but the face.. I'm used to the cartoonish style of wow. I do believe we need I big overhaul in this matter but not trough the realistic side.

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    That would be... fantastic. Wow. I'm shocked by how amazing that is! xD
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    See why can't we have more armor like this? Traditional Warcraft armor that fits. Really hate that every tier the sets are always "skinned mobs" of the instance. But I guess trial of the crusader ruined that.

    They should have skinned monsters for the tier sets and traditional faction sets for the PVP ones IMO like the image in the OP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrysia View Post
    Who the hell goes to war in high heels?
    Tyrande. So maybe is a new policy for all sentinels.

    Not really a fan of the heels myself (I would be okay with half that height) but is a minor quibble against a piece that otherwise I really like.
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    Very nice. Deep down inside I despise the 'painted on armor' we currently have. And those shoulders are awesome.

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    Devs are looking at this post all like "Yeah we're getting there, just wait! Muhaha!"

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    Yeah, I would. It has always bothered me how every piece of gear is just a standard gear model but with some textures on it (except for shoulders, helmets and belts lately).

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