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    It is not against any rules to votekick someone from a group. Check my sig.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    ´So.. sorry to bring this up know that .."thing" (Med'an).. is that "thing" cannon still? much have some have wished otherwise, yes. (Loreology)

    RPG is non-canon by default. (MickyNeilson)

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    That is absurd, and really just a pathetic way to get a point across. What gives anyone the right to treat someone poorly simply because they opted for a feature you are personally against? It is really just vile and honestly immature. Hate to break it to you but those helmets aren't hurting anyone. People are pissy this is a p2p game that has integrated some f2p features. Who cares. Don't assume the worst right away, and certainly don't punish people for it. This community has enough problems with treating one another respectfully, we don't need anymore bad behavior.

    They already have items that you can purchase with real world dollars. Pets and mounts, no one seems to have an issue with that, and personally I don't see a difference. They have absolutely zero effect on gameplay. If anything pets could be considered more of a problem now that battles have been added. The pet with the highest power is a store bought pet....yet there is no complaining.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duster505 View Post
    Why? Should subscriber not have the right to play with ppl that do not pay extra for ingame items ? If they choose so .. whats wrong with that ?
    Lol, are they getting any real in-game advantage? Does it excuse abusing players? Because kicking them for this IS abuse and IS completely ridiculous. I have no intention of buying these helmets as they go with none of my transmog sets btw.

    Really, this is an issue which has been blown WAY out of proportion.

    And there were issues with people playing Pandaren being kicked in LFG/LFR. It will pass.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shanthi View Post
    Might be true, but I'd tend to doubt it.
    So do I.

    There are rarely enough people that care about others being afk to successfully kick them...I honestly doubt that there are enough people that care about store helmets that much.

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    People on the internet acting like asses to people they don't know.
    What else is new?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nih View Post
    Screenshots? I don't think this happens.
    Will there be groups who will kick you "just because"? Yup.
    But that is nothing new. Always embrace yourself, when you enter a 5man, and the other 3-4 are from the same guild...

    But other than that, meh. It is just the OP making things up.
    Quote Originally Posted by huth View Post
    It's kinda amazing how many hands these guys have, anyway. Our tank pally can put his hands on 3 different people and still hold his weapon and shield and make unsavory gestures towards enemies.

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    Blizzard keeps putting these stuff for real money because people are willing to pay for it.
    ...then they gotta pay the consequences.

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    What's all this fuss about anyway? It's cosmetic item same as blizzard store mounts. Hundreds of thousands of people bought these mounts and no one is complaining. Then they release a bit more varied cosmetic stuff and omg omg wow is dying.

    Get your shit together. It's not item level 999 gear, 100 slot bag or a pouch with a million gold coins inside. F2P model abuse pay to win mechanics like crazy yet even these games have their playerbases. WOW never had anything from pay2win model.

    I have many tcg mounts and vanity stuff like 150k hearthstone (ethereal portal). Had plenty of "no life" whispes from people thinking that i spent sooooo much money on these. Thing is I can make ingame gold extremely fast and never spent 1 euro, even if I did - why do you care, its my money not yours.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Duster505 View Post
    Oh really? I've seen total morons stay in group for entire runs even tho they are afk and we have tried to kick them multiple times.
    And I have seen top DPS being kicked w/o any reason at all. The guy didn#t say anything, didn't cause wipe or deaths. Someone just wanted him gone and the majority just blindly clicked "yup".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aquamonkey View Post
    It is not against any rules to votekick someone from a group. Check my sig.
    I haven't seen anyone say that its against the rules.

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    As someone who highly opposes the whole microtransaction debacle which is currently happening, I find this hilarious.

    I just hope some official forum posts come out of it and we get a blue response

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    That's fucked up if that actually happens. I've bought the bat mount and one of the transmog helmets and I'm god damn glad I have. Fuck anybody that honestly feels they have a reason to harass another player for their own purchases. I love the Blizzard store and I absolutely 100% hope they expand upon the transmog helm idea. its that kind of mentality that makes me lose hope in the vast majority of the wow community.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nivis View Post
    So do I.

    There are rarely enough people that care about others being afk to successfully kick them...I honestly doubt that there are enough people that care about store helmets that much.
    Yeah, that's really the point. It was a plausible story to tell here on this forum because there are enough people passionate enough in their anger on MMO-C to do such a thing. But people passionate on this, either for or against, are such a tiny minority of the player base.

    This is rage-porn fantasy, really.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shanthi View Post
    Your claim about LFR kicks is probably not true, so I'm not sure why anyone is concerned.

    I guess it worked as a talking point, though.
    Happend one time for me yesterday, our MT started bitching about some guy having the t-mog helmet and he talked about going afk and shit if he wasn't kicked. So people ended up kicking the guy so they didn't have to wait for a new tank lol.

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    This is not a justified form of protest. The only justified form of protest in this case is to cancel your subscription and tell Blizzard that the Transmog-helmets are the reason. The only thing you are doing is ruining another player's experience because you don't agree with how he handles his finances.

    In short: If you have a problem with Blizzard, take it to Blizzard and not the players.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aquamonkey View Post
    It is not against any rules to votekick someone from a group. Check my sig.
    Not against the rules =/= not acting like an asshole.

    All I can say is people acting this way are pathetic individuals who I'd not want a damn thing to do with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destinas View Post
    What lesson is that? You can't enjoy things that others dislike?
    No, that you're not supposed to gain anything ingame by using unfair or unethical means, like cash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sigma View Post
    dumb reason to kick people,
    But then I have been in LFR's where people would want to kick Low DPS people who only just had the gear to get into LFR and where obviously trying their best and there for the upgrades, so nothing surprises me about LFR mentality these days.
    Must agree with this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tenjen View Post
    No everyone doesnt know that its done that way. because everyone isnt a vindictive callous petty hater. These people are spending time waiting to get on the LFR and LFG, they need to get badges and gear and because of how they choose to spend their money in a manner that in NO WAY affects ANYONE ELSE, they are getting kicked. Not for being jerks, not for afking, not for bad skills, not for anything that the kick system was intended for, but because of something that peoples panties are knoting up over so hard that surgeons are now specialising in its extraction as a very lucrative field.

    i see someone at a buffet for a microsoft expo during using a windows phone 8, i disagree with microsoft's business practices concerning the new UI and etc, so when they reach the end of the queue and fill their plate, i reach out and smack it out of their hand onto the ground. Thats not a personal attack?

    this is terrible behavior.
    I agree - its a terrible behaviour. Maybe if Blizzard had thought about it before implementing it ... we would not have such things in a subscription game.

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