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    [Ideas] Possible hunter diversification. (dont hurt me)

    So ive been getting real bored lately so i started thinking of spec changes to make the 2 same play style classes different(ish). So far ive only got some BM stuff down even tho i wanted to start with MM.

    These are just random ideas from a sleep deprived coffee high person. I figured since BM is all about pets why not balance it around switching back and forth between shooting and pet attacks. Any feed back would be appreciated. Also trying to get permission to try these changes on private servers for testing. Number are based on current attacks and the ones listed are just for BM.

    Beast Mastery

    New Secondary Resource - Loyalty: Your shots and auto-shots generate loyalty equal to the focus spent.
    Loyalty is spent to use unique pet attacks. Pet attacks generate Focus at 30% the loyalty spent. Loyalty starts at 20 and the rate its generated decreases the more you have. (EG: 50+ generation reduced to 50% generated -10% for every additional 10)

    Loyalty Attacks: (150 cap)

    Kill Command 30 loyalty - Your pet instantly inflicts (1.5 * X + (RAP * 0.7)) damage to your target. Inflicts additional damage if target is below 20% hp.

    Rabid Strikes 15 Loyalty + 5 every additional second (max +10 sec) - Your pet becomes rabid causing all its attacks to do 20% additional damage as a damage over time. (disease) last 10 seconds. 2 minute CD

    Mend Pet - 20 loyalty + 10 every additional second (max 5 seconds) - instantly heals your pet for 5% of its maximum health + an additional 2% every addition second activated. 30 seconds CD

    Stampede - 20/40/60/80/100 Loyalty - Calls upto 5 random pets from your stables. That follow your main pet dealing 25% of his auto attack damage and 10% of kill command damage. Until 3 Kill Commands are made or 10 seconds passes. cooldown varies depending on loyalty used.
    20 Loyalty 1 pet
    40 loyalty 2 pets
    60 loyalty 3 pets
    80 loyalty 4 pets
    100 loyalty 5 pets

    Fetch (passive) every 10 seconds you pet will retrieve one of you arrows causing your next Steady Shot to hit for an additional 30% power. (10 Loyalty)

    Focus Attacks: (120 cap) (focus is now generated thru pet attacks and auto-attacks at a slightly lower rate to balance in loyalty)

    Steady Shot - 2 sec cast - 30 Focus - Causes 60% weapon damage and places an arrow on the target to be fetched.

    Serpent Sting - 25 focus - Causes (RAP * 0.4 + (X * 15 sec / 3)) Nature damage over 15 sec.

    Multi-shot - 60 focus - Shoots all enemies within 8 yards of your target for 50% weapon damage and causes you pet to swipe for 200% auto-attack damage split between all targets.

    New Mastery: Call of the Beast: Increase the damage dealt by your pet by x%, the damage of your Loyalty consuming abilities by x%, and reduce the cooldown of your fetch ability by %x. Each point in mastery increases these values by 1.6%


    Go for the Throat - your pets auto-attack crits restore 10 focus.

    Frenzy - Your pets normal abilities have a chance to increase your focus regeneration and haste by 4% stacking 5 times. upon reaching 5 stacks focus costs are reduced by 50% and you haste is increased by 25% for 10 seconds.

    Invigoration - your pets auto attacks generate 3 focus

    Exotic Beast - Undergo training to tame the most fierce beasts on Azeroth. (hunter class quests to tame spirit beasts/Dragonkin(non-humanoid like)/2 normal pets(at 65% damage))

    Aspect of the Beast (reworked) - Increase your pets armor by 50% of your armor, its attack power 15% of yours, and you and your pet stagger 10% of all damage taken to each other.

    Beastial Spirit - Your revive pet is now instant but has a 1 minute CD. (CD reduced by haste)
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    But I can see blizzard being interested in something like this.
    They are very fond of overly complicated solutions to mend simple issues that inevitably only end up making more problems.

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