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    Best Alysrazor Solo spec?

    Hi anybody knows which Specialisation is the Best for Soloing Alysrazor?
    I saw all 3 do it and was wondering. Some people recommend MM but not sure if SV gets maybe more DPS with extra Explosive Shot or Black Arrow ticks?
    Or maybe is BM best because you can survive intermission and continue?
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    I've done it as Survival, but I kill in first air phase. It sucks though, can't put out any decent dps with the haste buff. If you know how to play MM, I'd definitely recommend trying that instead.

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    Either SV or MM would likely be best. Though like the poster said above if you can play MM well it would probably be best as it would benefit from the haste buff the most. I wouldn't bother with BM, as your pet wouldn't be able to attack the boss while she was in the air.

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    go mm with exhilaration. kill the first egg spawns and you should be fine she will do her tornado phase, keep your buff rolling and when she burnsout she should be sub 10%

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    Haste does not increase the # of ticks of black arrow or explosive shot.

    Not entirely sure what ilvl you are OP but as mm (about 530ilvl?) I was able to kill Alysrazor while she was doing her tornado phase (so ignore eggs). Though I required like 540+ to do the same thing as survival.

    Also, marks > sv for alys due to the insane haste + 100% crit which allows aimed shot to be spammed + piercing shot damage.

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    Im soloing her as survival (ilvl 534) and she usually dies right when the tornado phase starts

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    Soloed it on heroic as marksman.

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    if you're around 530 you can do fine as surv. MM might be better but i was too lazy to ever respec for it.

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