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    How would you react if blizz Condensed levels

    Blizzard has agreed with players that they feel levels are so meaningless at this point, between dynamic spell scaling and the new talent system, you can go 5+ levels without gaining anything.

    So that brings me to my hypothetical question; How would you feel if blizzard reduced the maximum level to say.. 50? Like this:
    Vanilla: 1-30
    BC: 30-35
    Wotlk: 35-40
    Cata: 40-45
    MoP: 45-50

    My personal opinion; I'd love it, it would take roughly the same amount of time to level, and everything would still work the exact same in terms of stats and whatnot, but it would make each level feel a lot better.

    What would you guys think/do if they announced something like this for the next expansion, to make levels feel more meaningful?

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    There needs to be a lot of condensing in general. Or perhaps a squish, anyone?

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    So, for example 1-30 would have the same total experience as 1-60?
    The levels would be longer but each level would give abilities and more stats than currently?

    Hmmm. While it sounds interesting; no. I would find satisfaction in dinging more often than less.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Auxis View Post
    So, for example 1-30 would have the same total experience as 1-60?
    The levels would be longer but each level would give abilities and more stats than currently?

    Hmmm. While it sounds interesting; no. I would find satisfaction in dinging more often than less.
    Yeah, it would be the exact same amount of XP as it was previously, just that the levels would feel less empty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kisho View Post
    There needs to be a lot of condensing in general. Or perhaps a squish, anyone?
    the squish is coming! runnn!!!
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    If Blizzard wanted to be super duper cool and throwback-y, they'd boil the max level back down to 60, and then up the level cap to 70 for the Legion Expansion...

    People wanted Burning Crusade back, right?

    That being said, I don't think a "level squish" is going to happen. The amount of QQ wouldn't be worth what's little more than numbers convenience.
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    No thanks.
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    Yes, please.

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    So now the number 95 is too big for the pro squish crowd. That's kinda funny.

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    Some feeling that a level mean something would be nice. WoW has pretty weak level gradient for an RPG.

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    I don't see it as necessary 50-100.. even 200 being the maximum level is not a problem. However seeing hits in 100s or 2000s vs seeing them in hundreds of thousands or millions is. It makes it hard to track, hard to value your gear without using spreadsheets and such.

    I think it's much more interesting to choose between a robe with say.. 20 intellect and 2% crit and one with 12 intellect, 10 stamina and 2% haste than between 2 items that have 850 stamina, 980 intellect, 1023 crit rating and 880 stamina 960 intellect and 1008 haste rating. The choice just becomes haste vs crit in the last one as it's nearly impossible to tell what it really gives you and if there are differences, they are probably too minor to count anyway while in the first its clear that if you pick the first one, your get more damage and more spikier damage while picking the second one makes your health shoot up and you get a little steady damage to boot.

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    Before people turn this into another item squish hate thread...

    This has nothing to do with numbers "being too large" or anything.

    I'm asking it because levels feel meaningless. You don't gain a single ability for like 20+ levels on some class/specs, and only get a single talent every 15. I'm asking if condensing levels to make them feel like you gain more from them would be worth the trade off.

    You would have the EXACT SAME stats as before. The number itself doesn't even matter to me, it's that levels feel meaningless and blizzard has agreed, meaning they will be doing something, but we have no idea what. I'm asking this because they might just do this.

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    Would be good with me. In 90 levels you get 6 talents, and maybe 20 random abilities and about 10 core abilities for your class. That's about one skill every 3 levels, a lot of which are useless (conjure food sure does help on mages now that mana/health are infinite while leveling... Oh wait) or just not that interesting (Oh hey, a 5% stats buff, that helps a lot since I have 200 agility. Oh. Wait.) so it'd be a lot better if you actually got useful skills more than once per ten levels.

    You could start with skills the same way, but then by the time you hit 20 you'd have like 5-6 skills you use instead of 3, would make leveling more fun perhaps. I mean, probably not leveling sucks, but at least you'd have more buttons to click.

    I like the idea a lot.

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    I've felt wow needed a level squish for a long time. The game has lots and and lots of empty levels, you ding, but that's it.

    Combine it with an ability squish as well. Trimming level bloat and button bloat at the same time.

    Each class would have more abilities early on, but fewer abilities total, but give each ability a variety of "Talents" that unlock as you level. Like the D3 rune system.
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    currently you can do 1/60 in 2 afternoon and then every other expansion in about 1. i wouldn't mind seeing TBC WOTLK CATA ( MOP ) being shortened

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    If this would happen along with "item squish" it would make very much sense to me.

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    By saying that levels "feel" meaningless, you are stating your own completely subjective opinion. As long as Blizzard doesn't see an statistical trend of a want of a level squish and looks to address it, this is just baseless speculation.

    It's not something really necessary or "game breaking" so unless the majority of the player base shares this "feeling" nothing would happen.

    Personally, I wouldn't mind.

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    blizz have taken the meaningful leveling away with their new talent system .. 1 perk every 15 levels, hardly new abilities when you level up and so forth ...

    although i would love to an item squish i wouldn't want such a level condensing.
    as already has been posted before dinging less is discouraging, people are already used to leveling up often, even if a level up doesn't give you anything.

    furthermore alot in the game would have to be adjusted which seems to me a little bit like "old world overhaul" ... i bet blizzard is not going to do that again
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    People complain levels don't give shit when you ding or mean anything, don't want the solution.
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    I don't really mind either way to be honest.
    I can see the benefits, like having more frequent rewards for the levels, but it's still the same amount of work, so really not a big deal. The only thing is I think it's going to feel a bit strange when we reach triple digits, level 105 or 110 would just feel odd to say out loud, I guess that's another benefit.

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