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    Is my guild bad or is this acceptable progression?

    The last two guilds I've been in both raid 3 nights a week, for about 3.5 hrs each night.

    In my opinion it feels like we're not doing nowhere near as good as we should be doing for the time we're putting in. It's common where we'll reach a difficult boss and wipe forever on it without us seeming to actually get better with attempts. I'm getting frustrated as to me it seems like other guilds on the server are doing much better with equal or less time.

    Both the guild I'm in and my previous one are currently 1/13 H in 25 man. They both claim to be semi hardcore.

    In the previous tier we were around 4/6H in MSV and just full clear of normals for the other 2.

    Are my expectations too high?

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    Congratz, you are one of the 10k odd guilds who have managed to down a heroic boss.

    10k in the world and quite a few would be alts. So that's an even lower number again.

    You are not doing half bad there mi amigo. Ofc if your not satisfied with that number you can always apply to another guild. But nothing to complain about surely

    Oh and if you want to get technical in 25man you are one of only 1223 guilds in the world to have done this! less depending on the boss

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    If you raid 3.5 hours for three nights a week, 1/13H is really, really poor. My current guild just got Ra-den with 4h / 3 nights a week, and my last guild was 10/13H with the same schedule before we stopped raiding mid-June.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tennisace View Post
    Are my expectations too high?
    No, 1/13H is pretty casual progression. If you're getting frustrated with your progression, think about applying to another guild with better progression...or, try to find out what is holding you back progression-wise and try to get people to fix their issues.

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    I'm 10 man so not exactly the same. My guild consider us casuals and only raid 6-8 hours a week during progress. We are 5/13 heroic now, would probably be 1-2 more but our guild always take a vacation from raiding during Juli.

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    my guild, we only do 3*3 hours a week and still manage 13/13hc and last tier 16/16hc.

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    Guild I am only started raiding again 2 months ago, and currently 1/13hc, people have been on holiday, few people rage quit, one person sold his account. Where are we realm wise... we are around 140ish. Is that "good"... that's a matter of opinion. We raid 2 nights a week, 3 hours, never extended past 10 minutes. Often starting late due to slackers. Am I happy with that progression? I don't give a shit. Because I am happy playing the game with the guild I am in, and love the guys I play with.

    Who cares what others are doing, chances are there is always gonna be someone better than you, as well as people worse than you. Are they playing at the same skill level as you? or holding you back, and if so, how does it make you feel? If you are not happy, leave. You are paying £9 a month, thats your money (I assume), it's your choice to make.

    No one here can decide if it's good or not. Some elitist will come on and say it's shite and they have 13/13hc, some new player will come on and be wow thats really good, and their guild is only 3/12 and can't do the turtles on tortos. You might be the one holding the guild back from more hc kills. However you might be the pro they can always rely on to do 200k DPS.

    So if it's good or not... is just someone elses' opinion. Only you can decide if YOUR progression is good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crysthalica View Post
    If you raid 3.5 hours for three nights a week, 1/13H is really, really poor. My current guild just got Ra-den with 4h / 3 nights a week, and my last guild was 10/13H with the same schedule before we stopped raiding mid-June.
    Don't think the hours are that important to be honest. Some of my friends have been in guilds who had almost twice as many raid hours as my guild but we were way ahead in progression. You can raid as many hours as you want but if you're not actually learning those hours wont contribute to progression.

    Good thing is though that guilds that raid say 3h 4 times per week with low progression are often guilds who just enjoy spending time with eachother instead of worrying about progression.

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    That's fairly low progression for a guild that's serious about raiding. The issue is why it's behind a bit. Some raids are slow because they don't oneshot farm bosses... even 2 shotting a bunch of early bosses adds a lot of time. Likewise, some are sloppy on trash and thus slow there. Some raids are just not run efficiently. They'll have a RL who's getting a lot of tells and who replies or they'll have everyone standing around during loot and take a long time to hand out the loot (vs being quick to distribute loot and pulling the next boss's trash during looting).

    Finally, of course, there's the raid who's just not very good and takes 3 weeks to learn a boss that other guilds learn in a week.

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    were 8/13 with similar raidhours and the raiding itself is very casual but determined so.. Bad guilds your having, if your into more serious raiding. And that 8/13 isnt even hard to get, like less than 25 wipes on every boss

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    For 10.5 hours/week you could absolutely have better progression. What really matters though is if you enjoy raiding where you are now. If you do, stay where you are. If not, consider what you want from raiding: do you want to push for world ranks or would you be happy with say 6/13H with steady progress? Either way, there are plenty of guilds in that area I'm sure could use more people (though 25 man is admittedly harder to find). Just be sure if you do decide to go elsewhere you remember the grass can always seem greener on the other side wherever you are.

    If you do decide to stick with your current guild, maybe you can help them forward a bit. Obviously you can min/max your own performance as much as possible, but are there other issues in the raid? Without seeing logs and whatnot it's hard to see what exactly is holding your guild back. How big is your roster?

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    My honest opinion is that you're wasting a lot of time raiding that much and still not getting anything done. Now obviously if that's not an issue for you, keep going, but on the off chance that it is, I'd advise looking for a new guild that can make better use of your time.
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    That is really slow progression, I couldn't raid like that. Try applying to another guild, that is what I would do at least.

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    We raid 3 nights at 3 hours each, and we are 4/13H with Heroic Tortos going down next week. And we have had lots of issues with attendance and people taking breaks, not to mention we don't have the best raiders in the world. So, no, your progression isn't acceptable.

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    You think that's bad? My guild raids 3 nights a week, just under 3 hours a night, we are only 6/12 normal, and we just got that the other week.

    To answer your question: For a "semi-casual raiding" guild, that's about the norm given how few guilds have even touched heroic modes. For a "semi-hardcore" raid guild, that's pretty bad in my opinion, unless there were some weird circumstances like you had a guild schism and half your raiders left, or if most of your members were a family that moved or lost their home or something weird like that.

    If you want to be a hardcore raider, then you should probably look for a guild more progressed than that, but to play Devil's Advocate if you don't quite care about being a super serious raider as long as you have fun and clear normals, and you enjoy the guild, then you should stay. It's as easy as that.
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    Depends really. My guild is 1/13 heroic at the moment, but that's due to only recently getting a stable enough roster to raid properly. We're also hindered by a lack of flavour of the month specs (Prot Paladins being the main thing) and having a bit of class stacking (we have two Ret Paladins, two Hunters and two Warlocks - though not all at the same time usually).

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    11/13H 25m Atm, 4h/3d schedule, killed Dark Animus last Monday and had 1 night of wipes on LS Heroic so far. I think we have a good chance of getting him down + Ra-De before 5.4 Hits

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    1/13 is certainly not bad but it's well below where a guild that claims to be "semi-hardcore" should be.

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    Rather than the time you spend wiping, it sounds like your raid lead or whoever is in charge of decision making isn't effectively making adjustments to your strategy. You can't smack your face against a brick wall until it falls down, you have to figure out what wiped you and how to fix it every time, unless you're wiping at 1% every single time in which case push dem buttons harder.
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    If you claim to be "semi-hardcore" and raid over 10 hours a week I feel that you should definitely be over 1/13 hc. Many pugs on my realm do 2/13 with some even pushing for 4 or 5 heroic bosses. Unless your guild has had some serious difficulties maintaining a stable roster, it would be reasonable to expect more progress.

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