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    I've been playing a Prot pally for a few months now (Switched from a DK tank)

    Currently I'm 536 ilvl 11/13 Heroic.

    I have played the paladin tank as a alt prior but guild had me switch to a pally for buff reasons for our 10 man and an extra raid CD. I have no trouble playing the paladin; just want to clear something up that's been "bugging" me which I have no answer for other then the usual "blizzard" scaling.

    Prot Paladin's have the weakest AoE out of all the tanks.. True or False ?

    DK: D&D, BBoil, 2 DoTs Veng scaled
    Monks: keg, Fire breath, Spinning crane, sun kick +20% dmg taken, proper talent and maybe 1 other (My monk tank is only 68) (Also keg smash does more dmg that a 9sec conse)
    Druid: Swipe spam, Thrash + Dot, ( both hit very hard )
    War: 2 possible talents Shock wave & dragon (100% crit), Thunderclap & DoT (Stronger is bloodbath)

    Paladin: Consen, Holy Wrath (weak), HoR (Weaker then a lvl 60 monks keg smash or any other classes AoE at 60.. mines hits for in the low 20's), Shield (3 target limit) and 1 of 2 possible lvl 90 talents both pretty weak even with veng and 1 limited
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    I agree.

    Having played my prot paladin alt and blood dk alt occationally I see the same issue. The AoE spells seem lacking in damage and the threat they
    create from it. Though Paladins scale very well with vengeance and with high enough vengeance they hit quite hard but still think they lack in the AoE field.

    The nerf in HotR in the begining of MoP was too much. Could have kept it as it was and remove the multiple healing from it.

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    False. 13/13 546 Protpal, with BrM and DK alts both ~510-525. (BTW BrM's don't get RSK for 20% dmg increase)

    Consecration is a truck. An absolute beast, that ticks fast and scales insanely well with veng. Light's hammer is also a monster AND provides utility via snare/heal. If you opt for HPr, which I do most often, it is also extremely strong splash. On any fight with ~3 targets, AS shield bouncing (and extra casts from GC procs) is retard strong too. On AOE fights, like Windlord, ProtPal was leagues ahead of DK parses. Same with Tortos in current tier (though I think warrior actually holds top spots from keeping bats up and cheesing DPS with TC/Wounds ticking).

    Don't get me wrong, Keg Smash is insane. BoFire is pretty meh, since bosses and many adds are immune to Dizzying Haze (meaning no debuff from BoFire), but SCK scales really well.

    DK diseases are OK, and don't suffer the target cap, but pound for pound on equally geared/vengeance'd tanks, Cons > diseases/DnD. BB spam is pretty crazy, esp with DRW up, but without DRW it's not much better than cons unless you blow all D runes on it (sacrificing your DS's).

    On small AOE packs ( < 4): Monk, Pal, Druid, War, DK
    On larger AOE packs ( > 6): Monk, DK, Druid=Pal, War
    On HUGE packs ( > 10): Monk=DK, Druid > Pal=War

    Given how many fights that AREN'T trash fall into the first category versus the last 2, it's pretty safe to assume that Paladin's do just fine when played well.
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    i use to play a blood DK, switching to a pally for the same reasons as you. I didn't find our AOE to be all that bad, but I often go afk on trash pulls due to my partner tank is a BrM monk.

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