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    Durumu HC

    Hi guys, I haven't started yet Durumu HC (But I'm getting familiar with encounter) so quick question. Should I glyph chain lightning or not? Don't know what's mechanics behind walls (does each wall share hp, or u destroy one segment fully and then wall disapear?) so should I glyph chain lightning for extra 2 targets or don't glyph it for extra 10% dmg)

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    Glyph it.

    There are 5 or 6 segments per wall (3 walls total). Each wall segments shares HP for that wall. If you have a lot of aoe, you can get away with just chaining off the boss, but if your group lacks aoe, you will need to target the walls down and not chain off the boss (chaining off the boss gives you 0 control over where your chain lightning bounces). Try not to stand too close to the walls when using chain lightning because there are a few line of sight issues depending on where you stand.

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    Glyph the heck out of that spell. When we were first working on this fight, I would ascend on the first wall spawn and always target the left wall. It gives you time to switch sides if you need to that way. Then would spiritwalker's and chain lightning off other walls as we were getting ready to do the maze.

    There's some logs for this weeks kill, its farm status so its a quick kill. My entire job since the start has been to kill walls so I pretty much solo them but you should have a few people help you out starting out. Also, always pop grounding totem when the parasite is about to come out, you have a 50/50 chance to pretty much negate the spell entirely for that time. (I didn't have the timer in DBM if you use that, but it's in BigWigs).

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    don't forget to drop grounding totem for every parasite as it will protect the 5 people in your party from getting it

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