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    Are we really that bad?

    Heya all,

    OK, so this is really going to look like I’m trying to get a pat on the back, but that’s not the case… I’m the raid leader for a semi-hardcore 6/13H group (9hrs / week), and I was recently told by a much higher progressed player that my group was complete garbage and we should have cleared 13/13H by now. The guy basically called us baddies, “you got no ranks”, "L2P", etc etc. Would you guys consider 6/13H to be an average group, or are we really that far behind? Up until now I have been happy with our progression, but I just can’t seem to get this douchebag out of my head. I know I’m being sensitive here lol, but it’s really bothering me.

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    Ignore the douchebag. As long as you're having fun who cares what they think.
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    If the only person to tell you, you are doing fine is named ThunderPussy then yes you are 'baddies'.

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    Honestly, it depends what to goal of your raid group is, different raids got different reasons to raid. Are your guilds focus on progress or social?
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    Ignore the guy. Some idiots think everything is easy and if you don't clear like Paragon or Method you're worthless. 6/13H is way above the majority of guilds in the game right now and nothing to sneeze at.
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    The only thing that matters is that you are happy with your current raid progression. If you feel like your pace should be a bit faster, start looking at what needs to be done to improve it - whether that involves investing more raiding hours (probably not), player performance (always something that can be improved), boss strategies, raid composition, etc.

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    Depends on your goals. My alt raid did 5 heroics in 2 weeks with a mix of 505>530ish gear. To me being 6/13H (which I was roughly 2 or 3 weeks into heroic modes) at this point wouldn't be anywhere near okay. Would've probably meant I had quit. But 'average' is really the wrong term to use. The average wow player can't do normal modes. But if you're talking mediocre/good/bad/amazing etc. Then 6/13 would be mediocre I guess. So the question really is - do you consider yourself mediocre?

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    6/13 is decent. Just because you don't have 13/13 doesn't mean you're bad.

    Take a step back and look at the amount of people who're 6/13. Now compare that to the people who are 1/13(Or 1/12?) and those who are 13/13. Which are you closest to?

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    6/13H on 9 hours a week is pretty decent. Sure, there are better/more progressed guilds out there, but guess what? There are better guilds out there than whoever told you this, so I guess that makes them a baddie by their own logic, yes?
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    At the end of the day, I’m happy with our progression. While we do focus on killing bosses, we don’t do it at the expense of our group (the majority of us have been together since ToGC). We have a core of e-friends who have played together forever, and that’s what really matters to me the most. I just can’t get the asshat out of my head, so I suppose I was looking for a little reassurance that we’re not all that bad.

    Thanks all, you’ve helped =)

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    If you feel satisfied with the progress then it's alright for what you want to get out of the game. Everyone is starting somewhere and that guy might have it come biting it in his back eventually. You're doing better than the majority of the players in this game probably being amongst the top 3000 guilds among roughly 30 000 guilds who try their hands in Throne of Thunder - which in itself is far from every guild in WoW. So here comes my pat on the back - this means you're probably quite a bit better than average but not on the highend side.
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    Who cares what other people think?

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    Some people are just assholes.

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    I learned a good response to these situations. Open your wallet and show the person who's being a twat what's inside.

    "Sorry bro, but I just can't seem to find any fucks to give."
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    Decent I suppose, I would say in my opinion the average/higher groups should be stuck at animus/lei shen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meleti View Post
    Some people are just assholes.
    Maybe OP did something to provoke the response he got, but either way, it's a game. Trash-talking friends and competitors is one thing, but otherwise it's just assholery.

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    Well, you could really be at 13/13 heroic with a 9hr raidweek. Although, as long as you aren't unsatisfied with your groups progress, I honestly wouldn't care. If everyone in your raidgroup is happy with how you guys do and enjoys those 9 hours, I think that's okay.

    What I don't get is why the guy told you those things? I'm at 13/13 heroic, too and there are a lot of guilds that raid as much as my group or even more and are still in the middle of the raid-content. However there is no need to tell them about those facts..
    Did you provoke the guy?

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    What is your goal as a raid team? When the tier started, would you have considered 6/13H near the end of it as a success? The answer to that question is all that matters. I've been in guilds that were happy to go 5/6N MV during a week and ones that considered only one new HM boss a week to be the bare minimum. Both kinds enjoyed themselves as long as they were achieving what they considered to be their goal.

    Obviously yes, a 13/13H guild will consider 6/13H as failure. But as others said, who cares? Not your guild. Probably just trying to instigate trouble in order to poach some of your players.

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    For 9h/week it's not great but decent. In the bigger picture of the game as a whole it's amazing. In the smaller picture of serious progression raiding it sucks. Take your pick

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    Don't let people tell you that you suck. Everyone that plays the game is on a different level of skill and commitment. For a 9hr/wk guild that doesn't paint the whole picture nor does 6/13. If you're having fun and making progress, even if it isn't in the form of kills, then you're doing alright. If the goal of your team was to be top of the world/west/us/realm/etc then yea you're probably a lil behind.

    Haters are going to hate and people are going to put other down to make themselves seem better, just the way the wheel works. As long as you're having fun then it doesn't matter. I run with a group that just killed Horridon normal that my alt runs on and I've never been in a more fun group, even though my main's team is on heroics. Just ignore him and let him hate himself some more.

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