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    Any realm first boss kill titles.

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    Immortal, Conqueror of Ulduar, most realm-first titles, certain PvP titles.

    Related, though, I wish they could do something similar to Conqueror of Ulduar in future tiers.

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    Most prestigious to me would have to be whatever title you get for killing the last boss in the current tier.

    My favorite title, however, would have to be The Insane because it fits me perfectly.

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    Salty. It gave me the most trouble.

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    Actual Scarab Lords.

    Vanilla High Warlords / Grand Marshalls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhoark View Post
    These are the most prestigous to me because they are either impossible to outlevel, or were hard at the time and unobtainable now:
    Scarab Lord
    the Celestial Defender
    Grand Crusader
    The Arena Master
    Shado-Master (only title that involves a gold challenge time)
    Herald of the Titans (best title I've got)

    Current-expansion heroic raid titles are obviously prestigious, but have expiration dates on the prestige. (I really wish they'd all get level and ilvl caps like Herald)
    What are you talking about? I got the Shado-Master without even getting the bronze time. It doesn't require gold.
    Oh wait, scratch that, it requires gold now. Haha. Lucky I got it before they changed the achievement.

    To me it's Bloodsail Admiral. I know it's not that hard to get

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    Realm first Yogg-saron 25HC, Algalon and LK 25HC.

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    Legit r1 titles, the 30 realm first titles from hard content (e.g. t7 titles doesn't count; and the gap between the #1 realm first and the #30ish is huge).

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    The Patient... because I most assuredly am not.

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    Realm First Titles.

    PvP's too imbalanced and full of cheating for me to ever care about those titles seriously unless it's somebody I know who got it.

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    Definitely Jenkins.
    Demon Hunter
    "Blizzard give people gold bars and people complain that they're too heavy" - Asmongold 2016

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    Herald of the Titans, earned before 7th December 2010. WOTLK realm first titles.
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    Death's Demise

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    Firelord, Blood Guard, Of The Horde, Crusader, Grand Crusader.

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    Scarab Lord would have been the most rare and amazing title ever, but you could cheat your way to get it for so long after the fact and cheese it on every new server that opened for a long time, making it basically useless. Seeing as how achievements didnt exist when you could get this title/mount, there is no way to check the date to see if someone was a legit scarab lord or not, I basically assume everyone I see with it was not a legit scarab lord because far, far more people cheated to get that title than got it legit.

    I have all the other titles mentioned here aside from scarab lord such as herald of the titans, the immortal, 3 gladiator titles including season 1, etc etc. Herald of the titans can be done very very easily still, it just requires level 80 characters with ulduar-ish level gear. The way classes scale now and the new abilities added since algalon meant anything makes it a cakewalk. The insane I don't see it as being worthy of any praise as it required no skill to get, just constant farming. It would be like having an achievement for getting one million gold and people saying that took skill to get.

    I suppose the limited time titles you can't get anymore are the ones that mean the most to me. The undying, the immortal, for example. You had to accomplish something when it was current content. Same goes for Hand of A'dal and Champion of the Naaru because they showed you raided during TBC which is more praise worthy than most nonsense these days. Champion of Ulduar is another one, since it was the same as undying and immortal, but had to be done in a much more difficult raid.

    Most anything else can be cheesed or is unimpressive. Even server first kill titles don't move me because if you play on some backwater server where yours is the only raid guild, it isnt hard to get server first EVERYTHING.
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    Legit Rank 1 Gladiator titles. Imo, nothing comes even close to them.

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    Grand Crusader.
    Ohio State Buckeye

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    I wouldn't consider realm first Naxxramas 2.0 particularly impressive.

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    Realm firsts are not really impressive most servers had horrible guilds get them simply because they were the best of the bads. I would like to say rank 1 titles but there is so many scumbag win trading cheating shit that goes on.

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