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    Obsidian Slayer Scarab Lord.... i see far too many with hand of A'dal so thats worthless now..

    Dragonslayer is nice just cause u knew it came from Sinestra.. and she was pretty hard for people to kill.. or even to get to there back in the day..

    Death's Demise and The Undying are also very nice.. the rest are kinda meh.

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    The Insane and The Beloved for me.

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    I've been using Hand of Adal since I got it. I'm not into PvP but I think Gladiator is very prestigious.

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    Anyoen withthe Arena Master title is pretty impressive IMO. Hard to cheese that achievement

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    I was quite proud of my Hand of A'dal title back when I played.

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    I'd say the "undying" titles of later Wrath tiers. Those, as far as I know, could not be cheated in any way and prove that your group actually completed a pretty difficult and non-forgiving task.

    I am speaking of:
    The Argent Defender
    Conqueror of Ulduar
    Champion of Ulduar

    The Immortal and The Undying are slightly below the line because although they got removed later on, you could massively outgear them already during Wrath.

    Herald of the Titans used to be one of those, but as others pointed out, is now significantly easier with the stat inflation and new talents. But it's still a nice title and you DO need a group of friends willing to level up to 80 and get some decent gear.

    Wrath realm-first titles can be a little bit tricky when they come from a terrible realm. I remember when one of our guilds got Death's Demise while their direct competitors were progressing heroic Lich King, so ... yeah. But despite of that, those titles are also pretty prestigious - probably with Grand Crusader on top (Anub'arak is a bitch no matter what gear you have), followed by Death's Demise and Celestial Defender.

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    • Light of Dawn prior to 4.0
    • Dragonslayer during 4.0
    • Firelord prior to 4.3 and the removal of Magma Geysers
    • Savior of Azeroth prior the Power of the Aspects being added
    • Storm's End prior to 5.3
    • Legitimate Gladiator/R1 with a class that's clearly underperforming that season (S9 TSG or S8 spellcleave don't count for example)

    Realm first titles are mostly meaningless to me because so many guilds were able to get them long after the content was current.
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    For me personally it's either Lorewalker (completed it in it's first form) and Hand of A'dal (because of the awesome memories). So those 2 are the ones I'm using on pretty much all my chars

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    I'm proud of my Bane of the Fallen King pre-4.0 and my current Fearless title (four days after 5.3 was released...we were 15/16H and at 11% health the week before).

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    Quote Originally Posted by R0AM3R View Post
    Just would like to know the titles people find the most prestigious, for me personally it's Hand of Adal followed by Gladiator(legit ones atleast) also the Insane hardly see that one ever.
    Hand of Adal, Herald of the Titans, Scarab Lord, the Immortal, the Undying, and Gladiator. Those aren't in any order. (For "Herald", I always check someone's feats of strength to make sure they got it legitimately)
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    Me personally, being a casual that is at most a LFR hero, so no (while current content) raiding or PvP titles?

    The Insane & The Beloved.

    Getting Loremaster and Seeker back in Wrath was also a pretty nice for me, both of which are obviously much easier now. (Seeker's 3k quests is pretty trivial 2 expacs later)

    EK/Kalimdor was just a big lump sum of quests, and the hardest part was trying to figure out which ones you had completed already and what ones were still available to do. Plus so many that ended up being continent hopping ones, then certain ones in the chain not giving credit, etc. I got stuck on finishing Kalimdor's with about a dozen left to finish it, so much that I actually farmed up my full T0 and then did the entire T0.5 upgrade chain to get those final dozen or so. The Silithid Cultist farming part with the bad RNG not getting the Flame Duke to spawn... so much nerd rage!

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    Conqueror is my favorite (that I have). Too bad I can't use it on alts. No way I'm grinding AB/WSG rep again.

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    zookeeper (on the first day) and ambassador with silk cloth

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    Hand Of A'dal. Only title I used.
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    I've always loved 'The Undying' hard to get? Of course not, even when I got it, when Naxx was current it wasn't especially difficult. But I haven't changed it since I got it.

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    Celestial Defender no doubt.

    My rank11 title was my favourite until I got Celestial Defender.
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    Most prestigious overall: High Warlord, followed by Grand Martial. Sorry, but Horde is cooler.

    Most prestigious of mine: Conqueror. A good indicator that I have seen a lot of battle.
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