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    What benefits do Fishing Lures, Fishing Equippment etc have these days of your're maxed out? (600) There doesn't really seem to be any benefit.
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    You can still catch junk instead of fish at skill level 600. The amount depends on the level of the area you are in. You will catch less junk with basic level 600 skill in Jade Forrest then you will in Dread Wastes for instance.

    Reading through this should give you an idea about how much skill matters in fishing:

    EDIT: Probably a good idea to mention that in Pandaria you won't catch junk anymore, only extra Golden Carp.

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    ye, fishing must be one of the most boring proffesions, only use ive seen sofar is making some gold for cooking mats ... they should make u fish up some epics boe items to bring back the fun in fishing

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    You cna fish up moounts and stuff. It certainly could be more interesting, but making gold isnt a bad thing. It is boring, but soemtimes it am be ok if you feel in the mood.

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    I like how fishing provides an alternative to other activities and can occasionally provide a welcome change from your gaming routine. Sometimes I use the random Engineering Portal and do fishing if interesting pools are nearby, and it's somewhat fun (and at times even profitable). Some of the dailies in Krasang are also cool, for Example punching a Shark while you ride it is hilarious, and fishing up the Serpentshrine Cavern Lookalike-boss gives a warm nostalgic feeling.

    It does get old fast though and even the developers mentioned that they want to change it.

    Good luck on getting a high fishing Skill and Lures for no longer catching junk, Dotmore.

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