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    [Bio] Yulan Honeyleaf

    Note: Welp, let's give this a try. As english is not my native language, it's possible that some words and sentences contain mistakes in spelling and/or construction. Please don't hesitate to point them out, if you happen to stumble upon them. Thank you!

    Name: Yulan Honeyleaf
    Age: 32
    Race: Pandaren
    Class: Monk
    Faction: None (Engine: Horde)

    With her plump appearance and tranquil aura, the pandaren doesn't stand out amongst her kin. What she lacks on size she makes up with an impressive paunch and surprisingly nimble steps.

    Her fur is dark, with ligher patches in face and on both arms and seems to be well groomed. It grows longer atop her head, down to her shoulderblades, and is kept either open or tied back to a practical bun.
    The light jade green of her eyes seems to be a spring of calm and gentleness. Seldom does her face lose the expression of kindness and curiosity.

    Her travelling clothes are made of leather and heavy linen cloth. The armor is visibly worn off and has been patched many times by skillful hands. She doesn't seem to wear any kind of jewellry.
    Around her hip lies a broad leather belt, on which dangle several bags and pouches. Their content can be heard softly rustling and emits a strong, herbal smell.

    Behaviour and Personality:
    Friends and strangers alike are greeted with friendly vigilance. While she is courteous enough, she seldom speaks of polite blah blah and chooses her words after thinking them through carefully - yet tends to pour salt in open wounds or make her opposite feel uncomfortable with rather outspoken questions, simply because she thinks of them as harmless.
    Yulan obviously is not well versed in the orcish and common language, often making the structures of her sentences sound strange or forcing her to paraphrase certain words.

    What she holds back in words, she expressions even more in emotions and gestures. She isn't afraid of showing honest joy, or crying if told about a saddening incident.

    Likes / Dislikes:
    Unsurprisingly, Yulan likes to eat and cook for others, just as she appreciates a freshly brewed tea. While she won't say no to a keg o' fine beer, she avoids getting drunk during her travels "lest I wake up with my head in a bears' mouth".

    She highly dislikes violence of any kind and refuses to do harm even when attacked, resorting to techniques that render her attacker unconscious or dazed - then kindly placing them somewhere safe.

    Thanks to years of wandering and climbing, Yulan is able to walk or run a great distance before tiring out and could use her strength to overpower attackers in hand-to-hand combat. She does, however, still have to be careful to evade getting hit by weapons. Due to her knowledge of herbs and plants, she is able to create medicine, healing salves and poisons.

    While skilled in unarmed combat, she would obviously not be able to dodge bullets or arrows. She also has difficulties dealing with magic users, as she never had the chance to study their movements and habits while living on Shen-zin Su.

    Her native language is Pandaren. As a neutral individual she learns both orcish and common language, in case there is the need to trade, pacify or simply share stories with someone belonging to either horde or alliance.

    Born and raised into the poverty of a small village of fishermen and farmers, her parents soon taught Yulan a life of modesty and how to fix and make the best of everything she possessed.
    She was still a child, when both her mother and father disappeared while fishing not far away from Shen-zin Sus' shell. While many believed them to be victims of the merciless tides, crushing them against the rocks, neither their corpes nor the wreckage of their ship were found - leading to rumours involving bloodthirsty Saurok, which had been troubling the village with rising frequency.

    Living alone, a young Yulan met her future mentor and father figure after breaking a pot on the market, which belonged to an elderly hermit well known for living atop a steep hill in his tea house. Under the impression of having destroyed an heirloom of high value, she accepted his offer to pay off the debts by working in his tea house, lest she would lose her home.

    Days turned to years, in which the old master taught Yulan the art of unarmed combat, meditation, as well as the preparation and effects of tea and its' ingredients. By the end of his days, the two had formed an inseparable friendship.
    He finally passed away when Yulan reached adulthood, leaving her with a book contending knowledge of all fauna and flora on Shen-zin Su, and a tea house in her care. With his last breath he admitted to lying about the broken pot being an heirloom, in order to adopt her from a life in loneliness.

    While not many villagers visited the isolated tea house, it was there she met the man who would be her mate for life. After two years of pilgrimages to the village and back atop her hill, Yulan moved back to the place of her birth while pregnant with their daughter, settling down as a loving housewife.
    The now constant threat of the aggressive Saurok took its' toll, when her mate was fatally wounded in an attempt to defend the village during an attack. Soon following his death she gave birth to a feeble girl, and lost her daughter to sickness only five years after.
    Burying her family by the old tea house, she took up her late masters' decision to henceforth never ponder over her past, and let her grief fly away with a symbolic paper kite.

    She continued to live in the village, and helped driving off the intruding Saurok and tending to the wounded. As the number of their raids dwindled, Yulan opened a tea house in honor of her family.

    Shortly after the incident on Shen-zin Su and the outsiders' departure, she decided to continue her studies on flora and fauna and complete her masters' book by travelling the new-found world.

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