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    PVP, Itemlevel, scaling and RPPM


    So if I got a heroic thunderforged trinket from ToT, i know it's scaled down and stat wise worth just as much as a LFR or normal drop.
    But what about the RPPM?
    Since RPPM is better for higher itemlevels, does the "nerf" actually happen in pvp or does the RPPM keep it's value from the original "high" itemlevel?

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    The RPPM is related to the Ilvl meaning that it would too be scaled down, making heroic trinkets the same as LFR.

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    Is the proc duration still doubled in 5.4 ?
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    Is the proc duration still doubled in 5.4 ?
    What they did with the most OP 5.4 trinket for PvP was make like 20% of the proc passive, leave the duration alone and make the proc extremely weak. But a buff for PvE I guess.
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