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    Disc is just... broken.
    I don't understand why most of you find disc that hard to kill. All you need is one good cc and one interrupt (at least sub-80). Maybe a bit more if the said disc is a human. Experienced pvp-er disc I understand, but realistically, while leveling, how many of those do you gank?

    On average, whatever class I play I find tanks the hardest to kill, simply due to how much damage they can negate while at the same time dishing out the same damage as a dps. Take prot pally as an example - every WoG is basically a Lay on hands, on top of it a plethora of defensives and utility.
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    Players ask for everything to be faster, easier and completely optional and then when they get bored they can't understand why.

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    disc is nearly unkillable
    mw monks are nearly unkillable
    if played right, prot warriors are nearly unkillable (I killed a 350k lvl 90 hunter with my I guess it was around 250-300k lvl 89 prot warrior while having 2 elites and 3 normal mobs in dreadwastes. I killed the mobs first, then killed the hunter. took some time, but I guess he did not see that coming. tbh, I didn't either. xD).

    I wouldn't say hunters are unkillable. if you can play your class, you can kill hunters, even when they can play their class as well. but they are some tough mofos. and they don't need to be good to be tough.

    prot paladin is surprisingly weak at low levels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Verain View Post
    I call shenanigans. This was fixed in 5.3.
    I know I'm a little late to the game, but "fixed" means they nerfed it that if it might not one shot you (just come very close), but following it up with Revenge will do the job so it's really not all that different. Prior to 5.3, Shield Slam would be an automatic one shot.

    Part of me wishes they'd spend more time balancing abilities at low levels, then another part of me realizes how time intensive that would be and with Rest XP and the reduced amount of XP needed per level, I just go back to power leveling to 90 to PvP where it's at least semi-balanced.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xebtria View Post
    prot paladin is surprisingly weak at low levels.
    I guess perception is everything.

    While leveling my prot I was able to gank everyone I met in the wilds. And regarding mobs, the only problem I have is collecting the entire map before they de-aggro.

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